Monday, February 26, 2007

The Bird Bath

Pictures of the previously mentioned bird bath!

Party with a Princess

We visited Mumzy and Gramps over the weekend for Lainie's 4th birthday "Princess Party". Everything was pink and purple with lots of glamour down to her tiara and slippers.

Cupcakes served by the princess herself
Even a princess can be surprised by her fancy new kitchen

"My job is done here peasants...clean up!"
Ian enjoyed the party and seeing family, but found greater joy in Gramps' new bird bath! Yes it is new and as yet untainted by bird poo. He splashed in it until his hands were frozen! I think he's going to be ready for summer swimming!

Monday, February 19, 2007


So after months of so proudly being able to say, "Ian doesn't say no," the day has passed. Yesterday he ran around the house saying "no, no, no" Not to anything in particular, just to hear the sound of it. Now he somewhat emphatically says no to anything you ask him. Of course we did get about 3 months of "yeah, yeah, yeah" to everything. So maybe this too shall pass!


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