Wednesday, April 30, 2008

True Love 2

POTD 043008, originally uploaded by sheakey.

Ian had a great time with Kirin! I'm amazed at just how close they are in size and eating habits. They spent the morning at the train museum and the afternoon we went for tea. I couldn't resist this photo at the True Love Coffee House and they were actually willing to stand their and smile!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

POTD 042908

POTD 042908, originally uploaded by sheakey.

Ian's cousin Kirin is visiting from San Diego! So good to see him! They are having a blast together!

I think this photo tells the story you think he realizes that the cousins in the bathtub together photo will show up at a family function when they are 15?

He's so like his Uncle Justin! I just didn't expect to see it at 2.5!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sorry Mom!

I had great intentions after my mom's last visit of uploading something great everyday. That lasted for exactly one day! Oops! It has been a little crazy around here. But enough with excuses!

Here is a little making up for it! Since I also know that this week is crazy again...probably won't be around much! Work and Erin is visiting and then traveling for Amanda's wedding. I don't know if I can be away from my computer that long! :-)

A little glimpse at our weekend.

POTD 042808

POTD 042808, originally uploaded by sheakey.

Spent the morning with Kathy and kids! I just can't get enough of this little guys big blue eyes and sweet smile! He is such a happy little guy!

Ian had such a good time playing with Addy. He's so lucky to have friends that he has known his entire life! He gets so excited when he sees Addy...he jumps up and down and squeals her name! Only Becky and Justin get that reception from him!

POTD 042708 Home?

POTD 042708 Home?, originally uploaded by sheakey.

Sorry Mom...this isn't a very exciting photo. This sums up our weekend though! Spent a long time going over the inspection report, lots of tough decisions to make. We'll just see if it becomes home now...the decision right now isn't ours!

Becky and Justin like that helps!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

POTD 042208

POTD 042208, originally uploaded by sheakey.

I gave Ian my box of Legos for the first time today! They are the standard (small) legos that I use for class exercises. He's been eyeing them for a very long time!

He was thrilled...and immediately found the car and people in the mix.

Our life is now over as we know it :)


After his bath tonight he told Shea, "my tummy's ready for nigh night!" Hopefully he'll move up the rest of his body and get to that little brain is ready for it soon!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

POTD 042008

POTD 042008, originally uploaded by sheakey.

Busy weekend! Mumzy visited, Ian slept through Roy's third birthday party, and we made an offer on our 4th house in 40 days!

Looks like we may be moving soon!

Friday, April 18, 2008

POTD 041708

POTD 041708, originally uploaded by sheakey.

Ian had a great day at the park yesterday with his friends! For the first time in a LONG time we were all together! 6 moms, 5 toddlers, 2 infants, 1 newborn...that's a lot of kids!

I discovered too since I'm the mom with one that I get to be the cool going down the slide, pushing the swing, helping with the bike, entertaining mom. How fun is that?!

I can't believe that they are all turning 3 this year (Roy's birthday party is tomorrow!) Seems like just a few days ago when we were still comparing birth stories!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

POTD 041608

POTD 041608, originally uploaded by sheakey.

So I risked a sleeping photo just to capture that sweet face and those eyelashes! I keep expecting him to grow into them, but they just keep getting longer right along with him!

Tonight I said to him, "who loves you Ian?" He looked straight at me and with his big grin said, "Gramps!"

Monday, April 14, 2008

POTD 041408

POTD 041408, originally uploaded by sheakey.

He is just too cute! Kathy and I and the three kiddos spent a little time at SB's after gym class today. He is so good natured, he practically posed for this photo!

Ian and Addie had a great time playing monster and running around together. I think it is the most I have ever seen them play together.

Ian learned his first lesson in girls we were leaving he wanted to give her a hug. He stood, arms outstretched, and she ran the other way! He just couldn't figure it much to learn about much!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

POTD 041308

POTD 041308, originally uploaded by sheakey.

Ian ran his first race today! Well...I carried him most of the way since the crowd of kids and parents freaked him out...but we're trying to make it a postive memory for him :-)

Afterwards he kept saying, "I fell down, I'm sad...." Funny thing is he never fell down, but wow was he sad!

We'll try it again some time with a smaller race and when he's actually slept more "normally" the week before!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

All Nighters

In college I loved the all nighter. I loved any reason to stay up, eat food, and watch the sun come up in the morning. Papers, exams, books to be read, it didn't matter what the assignment was! I would sometimes stay up just to help other people stay up and study. I could have been sleeping, but ahhh the draw of an all nighter!

So tonight appears to be an all nighter. It is now 12:17am, I'm awake and Ian is awake with no good sign of changing that any time soon! I think the child would stay awake forever if we didn't force him into his bed or occassionally need to drive somewhere. After about 6 months of age the kiddo seriously has never fallen asleep anywhere but those two spots. I don't have any of those cute photos of him placing his head on the sofa sleeping while he still stands. None of those cute curled up in the corner of the room shots. NONE!

He IS a sleeper...once we can get him to sleep...but geez he looks wide awake!

I'm searching for some witty banter that ties his late night and my college days...but I just don't seem to be witty at 12:22am anymore. Those days are gone. I just need sleep now. Sweet precious glorious sleep. I guess a schedule that let me have long afternoon naps made those late nights a little easier!

I think I'm too old for all nighters now...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I was tagged by my dear friend here goes!

Four Jobs I’ve held:
Icee Bear
Clerk at a drug store
Child Support Officer
Employee Development Trainer

Four movies I could watch over and over:
Mary Poppins (seriously...even before Ian wanted to watch it all the time!)
Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four places I have lived:
Exeter, California
Riverside, California
Visalia, California
Sacramento, California
(wow I sound boring...)

Four TV shows I like:
hmmm I don't have a tv

Four people who email me regularly:
Shea (from school :))
Charleen (for playdates)
Work people (to give them something I've forgotten)

Four favorite foods:
Anything made with a potato
Black Beans (okay beans of any kind)
Frida's Fajitas from Ernesto's

Four places I’d rather be:
On a warm tropical island
Sleeping (dumb allergies)
Traveling somewhere new
In a quiet bed and breakfast where it is raining

Four people to tag: Sarah, Charleen, JanetO, and...hmmm I'll be back with a fourth!

And since this is Ian's blogs...his answers

Four Jobs he's held:
Grower (mostly organic)
Fertilizer Spreader
Mixed media artist
Sleeping Engineer

Four Movies he could watch over and over:
Monsters, Inc (just forward through the scary parts)
Madagascar (aka "Animals")
Curious George
The Simpson Movie (but we don't mention that one!)

Four places he's lived:
Sacramento...that is it!

Four tv shows he likes:
no tv...but he does have the internet and grandparents :)
Pinky Dinky Doo
Wonder Pets
Anything on Animal Planet

Four people who email him regularly:
Mumzy (aka my mom) she sends more email to him than to me!
he's not "into" email much right now!

Four favorite foods:
Vitamins (aka M&M's)
Ice cream sandwiches
Cheese Its (thanks dad)
Rice and beans

Four places he'd rather be (lol, he taking a nap so this is easy!)
In the backyard
At the park
Watching movies on the "big player" (my laptop as opposed to the ipod "little player")
The zoo

And he'd probably tag: Leo, Roy, Addy, and Annika

Monday, April 07, 2008

Going By In A Blurrr

POTD 040708, originally uploaded by sheakey.

So he's growing up too quickly!

Today he asked me Why for the first time! And then proceeded to ask it about everything. I thought why happened after 3 not before?!

For the first time in his little life he also said, "I'm hungry." I've never heard him utter those words before! I didn't even know he understood hunger since he seems to exist on goldfish crackers alone!

Thursday, April 03, 2008


I was taking a portrait of Shea for the IdeaBooks4U challenge. I set my camera up and had taken a few when Ian decided he wanted his picture taken! What a ham he is! This kiddo cracks me up! Notice the tongue? He's discovered how to make funny tongue noises and to whistle! I still can't whistle and he's only two!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

POTD 040208

POTD 040208, originally uploaded by sheakey.

I think water is going to be a spring/summer theme with this little guy! He wanted to play "fireman" again today which means he holds the hose in the backyard and waters the lawn. Today he discovered what happens to you when you fling the hose back and forth really quickly. He wasn't pleased at all with his discovery!

Update on house hunting...

We have an offer in on another house (and still sit in back up position for the first one). Our new offer maybe up to 6 weeks before we know anything since it is a "short sale". So sad how many homes we are looking at that are either forclosures or short sales. So sad.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

POTD 040108

POTD 040108, originally uploaded by sheakey.

Warm enough for Ian to play outside in the sprinkler today (well, not really that warm, but he did anyway!) Last year he wouldn't even get close to it. He played until he was soaked and starting to shiver!


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