Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I was tagged by my dear friend Michelle...so here goes!

Four Jobs I’ve held:
Icee Bear
Clerk at a drug store
Child Support Officer
Employee Development Trainer

Four movies I could watch over and over:
Mary Poppins (seriously...even before Ian wanted to watch it all the time!)
Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four places I have lived:
Exeter, California
Riverside, California
Visalia, California
Sacramento, California
(wow I sound boring...)

Four TV shows I like:
hmmm I don't have a tv

Four people who email me regularly:
Shea (from school :))
Charleen (for playdates)
Work people (to give them something I've forgotten)

Four favorite foods:
Anything made with a potato
Black Beans (okay beans of any kind)
Frida's Fajitas from Ernesto's

Four places I’d rather be:
On a warm tropical island
Sleeping (dumb allergies)
Traveling somewhere new
In a quiet bed and breakfast where it is raining

Four people to tag: Sarah, Charleen, JanetO, and...hmmm I'll be back with a fourth!

And since this is Ian's blogs...his answers

Four Jobs he's held:
Grower (mostly organic)
Fertilizer Spreader
Mixed media artist
Sleeping Engineer

Four Movies he could watch over and over:
Monsters, Inc (just forward through the scary parts)
Madagascar (aka "Animals")
Curious George
The Simpson Movie (but we don't mention that one!)

Four places he's lived:
Sacramento...that is it!

Four tv shows he likes:
no tv...but he does have the internet and grandparents :)
Pinky Dinky Doo
Wonder Pets
Anything on Animal Planet

Four people who email him regularly:
Mumzy (aka my mom) she sends more email to him than to me!
he's not "into" email much right now!

Four favorite foods:
Vitamins (aka M&M's)
Ice cream sandwiches
Cheese Its (thanks dad)
Rice and beans

Four places he'd rather be (lol, he taking a nap so this is easy!)
In the backyard
At the park
Watching movies on the "big player" (my laptop as opposed to the ipod "little player")
The zoo

And he'd probably tag: Leo, Roy, Addy, and Annika

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Michelle Filo said...

oh Katrina, I just loved reading this and especially that you did Ian's answers too, how clever :) thanks for playing girl!


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