Wednesday, July 29, 2009

71 Miles

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71 miles. That is how far my brother will be swimming, biking and running tomorrow in preparation for Ironman Wisconsin in just about a month and some pocket change! 

So tomorrow bright and early we are loading up the van, the kayak, the ice chest, the 4 year old, my brother and his bike, wet suit, running shoes and all the other accessories that go with an 8 hour workout. Our plan? Play at the lake and eat snacks while he works his butt off (well, that phrase doesn't really work since he doesn't have much of one.)

It should be a great day with lots of adventures and a four year old who is so excited to wear his life jacket!

And, just maybe, I'll take some pictures.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Four years old!

Which meant a trip for breakfast at Lucky Cafe because four years ago we woke up and went to breakfast with my parents at the Lucky Cafe. It was just a regular Thursday. They arrived a week before my due date to help prepare for the arrival of their fourth grandchild. We had no idea that just four hours later we would be on our way to the hospital! 

We are lucky.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Jubilee Recap

A busy weekend celebrating a little boy's Jubilee! Best told in photos!

Friday, Mumzy arrived for the festivities. Ian discussed the finer points of vampires with her. He is obsessed with all things Halloween.
Saturday morning we put the final touches on his rocket cake and he dressed in his bowling attire! My sister and Mom are amazing! They made the shirts and personalized them for each child and added one for dad too!
Bowling madness with 6 - 4 year olds and a few of the under 2 crowd!

Skeeball with dad. 
Candles! 4! And friends! (and mom trying to take photos in the black light and darkness of glow bowling...not fun!)
After the fun of Saturday on Sunday we got away for a little blackberry picking. I think Ian picked two before he proclaimed it was too hot, too prickly, and too squishy. My mom couldn't be stopped. She picked two pounds and had to be drug out of the field kicking and screaming! (It was addictive, the hope of finding just a few more perfect ones!)
We followed that up with a little bird watching at Jack Russell Brewery.
A little resting between rounds of running around with all of the kids there, jumping up and down on the stage.
And of course a little something for mom and dad!

And tomorrow? Juuuu-lie 28th, the day Ian has been talking about for 6 months! Four years old. Too fast.

Friday, July 24, 2009

It Met With His Approval

Thank you Craigslist! Ian loves it and spent 3 hours playing in it in the backyard. Dad still needs to put the roof on and the monkey bar section. Next week we start charging admission to the backyard! (Dad definitely wins the father of the year award for taking it apart, hauling it across town and putting it all back together, I think he's 16 hours in at this point!)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jubilee Reflections

I only have about 20 photos of Ian's first day in this world. Hard to believe, I know, but a mere 4 years ago I was only slightly obsessed with photo taking just warming up to what would be full blown photo madness. So today, the third day of his jubilee I am just reflecting on all that makes him who he is. All those little things I love (and well, some that I don't but trying to stay positive here!)

4 funny things he does:
  • Says, "I have an idea," with his little finger pointed in the air when he wants to announce something
  • Wakes up each morning and immediately asks for a movie and goldfish
  • Almost immediately says no to anything and then has to quickly backtrack
  • When asked if he had a good time (anywhere we go) says "just a little" and holds his fingers together to show how little
4 foods he loves
  • goldfish
  • O's
  • black beans
  • french fries
4 things he'd do all day
  • watch movies
  • play upstairs
  • pretend he's a dog (or cat, or lion, or polar bear or)
  • scatter toys about
4 things he says every day
  • I love you
  • I've got an idea
  • deal?
  • it will feel you better
4 toys he would keep if he could only keep 4
  • Spike
  • Bat Mobile
  • Fire Engine
  • The long tube from a bolt of fabric that turns into so many things!
That should read goldfish crackers! LOL We have no eating of the pets in our house! (plus he's vegetarian!!) Sorry to worry you!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jubilee Day One

POTD 072109 - Jubilee, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

In our house we celebrate Jubilees, not just birthdays! It is far too much pressure to put on one calendar day so the celebration begins one week before and stretches one week after your actual birthdate. No set requirements other than cake here and there, a random present here and there. Just a fun time to run around the house and proclaim Happy Jubilee! (It also gives forgetful ones plenty of warning and time to make up for any present lapses)

Today was the beginning of Ian's jubilee. Right before dinner I realized we were going to let the day slide by with nothing more than a proclamation, so Ian and I headed into the kitchen to bake a cake while Shea finished dinner preparation. Ian used an extra Kitchen Aid attachment as a microphone and announced the play by play as we measured, sifted, stirred and poured. He did stick a random finger in everything shouting, "yum, it tastes good." I don't believe him as he stuck it in the flour, the cocoa, and the baking soda none of which I find particularly tasty on their own! 

The cake came out of the oven after dinner. We frosted it, decorated it and then of course got the candles out! It wouldn't be a jubilee if the birthday boy doesn't hear happy birthday at least three times during the 14 days! Added bonus? I get lots of practice taking low light candle shots! woohoo! And because he is a stickler for the birthday etiquette he didn't even try to blow the candles out until he'd heard the final words of his song!

As we dove into the cake he proclaimed, "this is the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!" On his way to bed he gave me a big smooch and said, "I'm 4!"

Yep, he's almost 4. Crazy!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I Heart Faces - The Feet Edition

I've been watching this photography blog for a while. My friend Mo enters photo almost every week and so this week I decided to jump in too!  Funny that the week I decided to join is feet week! 

My favorite foot photo, well shoe photo, I know his feet are in there :) 

Sunday, July 19, 2009

This Moment

Today, right now, this instant, please hug the ones you love. Call the friend you haven't talked to. Say I love you to your children and your significant others and your mom and your siblings. Grab this moment and treasure it. Value it. Embrace it.

You are missed Karen. And I can't help but think of your smile. And your laugh. And your funny way of seeing the world. Your perpetual positiveness. 

My heart aches for your boys. My heart aches at the loss of your smile. My heart aches that you are gone. And the world is not the same because of it.

Katrina's 3 Block Photo Walk

POTD 071809, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

I had looked forward to taking part in Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk for weeks! I loved the idea of joining a group of people obsessed with photography and wandering through Sacramento while others across the globe were doing the same thing. It seems, however, that Ian had other plans for me.

At 4PM he was still sleeping which wasn't a good sign since we needed to be at the Capitol at 445PM. At 500 he was still sleeping. At 530 he was still sleeping. I'd finally resolved that it wasn't meant to be. It was 104 degrees and I probably am still not completely well enough for an almost two mile walk so I let him continue to sleep.

At 630PM one very happy boy woke up with the announcement "I'm done sleeping!" Just happens there was a member event at the Train Museum. So with the promise of cake (because it was a party!) we were out of the house in under 15 minutes! We arrived in Old Sacramento just as the photo walk would be ending.

Thankfully there were cupcakes at the train museum and enough to keep him happy while I shot some ugly indoor photos. (the train museum has horrible light and the ceiling is way too high to bounce a flash). When we left the museum we were greeted with THE BEST light EVER and a happy little boy. (since he'd had sugar!)

I've always loved the wall and alleyway by the grassy field in Old Sac but with light at 801 just pouring beautifully over it I was in heaven. He posed a bit for me and Shea and I attempted to recreate a photo from several years ago. Ian has grown some as the toss completely freaked him out and that part of our shoot was over! The wall though...definitely my favorite!

People often ask how I get him to cooperate. I must admit he is cooperative by nature, but he is also 3 and has a mind of his own. Timing helps, sugar helps and asking him to make funny faces. 

Typically it goes something like this, "Ian do you and dad want to make funny faces?" "Yahhhhh!!" He makes funny faces. I snap and somewhere in between he smiles a real smile and if I'm lucky I grab it! Today I was lucky!

I think my personal photo walk was a success. Next year I'm getting a baby sitter!

Friday, July 17, 2009

11 Days? Seriously...

I typically don't like the, "oh my gosh I haven't posted in X number of days" kind of posts but here I am posting one of my own! Things have been a bit crazy around here! How so, you might ask. Let's see. Planning and cleaning for a fundraiser in our backyard. Hosting said fundraiser. Getting really sick after said fundraiser. And now recuperating with a little boy who keeps asking me if the sick is gone! Yes, the sick is almost gone! 

But so you can see just a bit of what you missed in the last 11 days, I give you photos. (I'll spare you the sick ones, but point out I took a photo a day even while battling a 103 degree temperature! Ok, so I didn't take any photos while my temperature was that high, but I did manage a couple when it got lower. I didn't say they were good pictures though!)

The backyard complete with the new deck Shea built just for the party! (and has now turned into my favorite place for breakfast!)
My brother Justin. I love when he plays.
Ian doing what he loves most (complete with his favorite slice of sourdough bread in hand)
More to come later along with a little idea I have brewing :)


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