Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Jubilee Recap

A busy weekend celebrating a little boy's Jubilee! Best told in photos!

Friday, Mumzy arrived for the festivities. Ian discussed the finer points of vampires with her. He is obsessed with all things Halloween.
Saturday morning we put the final touches on his rocket cake and he dressed in his bowling attire! My sister and Mom are amazing! They made the shirts and personalized them for each child and added one for dad too!
Bowling madness with 6 - 4 year olds and a few of the under 2 crowd!

Skeeball with dad. 
Candles! 4! And friends! (and mom trying to take photos in the black light and darkness of glow bowling...not fun!)
After the fun of Saturday on Sunday we got away for a little blackberry picking. I think Ian picked two before he proclaimed it was too hot, too prickly, and too squishy. My mom couldn't be stopped. She picked two pounds and had to be drug out of the field kicking and screaming! (It was addictive, the hope of finding just a few more perfect ones!)
We followed that up with a little bird watching at Jack Russell Brewery.
A little resting between rounds of running around with all of the kids there, jumping up and down on the stage.
And of course a little something for mom and dad!

And tomorrow? Juuuu-lie 28th, the day Ian has been talking about for 6 months! Four years old. Too fast.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday dear Ian....Happy Birthday to you!!!


Terri Davenport said...

Those bowling shirts are just too cool! Happy Birthday, Ian!

hayden mounsey said...

Love your blog! :-)

"18 Dispelling Myths About Circumcision":

Carol said...

Happy birthday young Ian. What a super sonic fabulous rocket cake !!!!

L & O said...

Katrina, Thank your mom and sister for the awesome bowling shirt. Leo wanted to wear it all day long. Great party and Happy Birthday Ian!!


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