Saturday, June 30, 2007

Leo's Party!

Ian loves his buddy Leo! Every time we drive anywhere once we stop Ian says Leo...just like Leo MUST be there...what other reason would we have for leaving the house?!

Today we pulled up to a house, Ian said Leo! And he was right...we were at Leo's for his 2nd birthday party.

What fun!

There was homemade clay, water to play in, food to eat, toddler trampolines, friends, and just all around fun!

Leo was the star of the day!

...and they all tried to drink the water!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Did You Miss Us?

So...we are back! My mom is doing well (of course since my mom is one of the 3 people reading this I'm really telling her (you) that she (you) are doing well...and hopefully she (you) know that)!

As tiring and hard as it was to see my mom go through everything we really enjoyed being with my family. I was able to talk to my sisters, brother and neices more than I maybe ever have. It feels a little strange and a little wrong, but I really enjoyed our (frequent) breakfasts together at The Whistle Stop Cafe before we headed to the hospital. I think I ate there 6 times in 11 days! It just became our familiar safe comfortable place since mom wasn't around to cook!
So much has here is my recap...this is going to be a long post. My mom said she's bored and needs something to read :)
Kylie graduated from Junior High and turned 14! (NOOOOOO...when did she get that old?) ! I think that is the same "Class of" sign they used when I graduated from Junior High

Ian's sleep schedule got a little messed up!

Ian and Lainie initiated the new swing in Mumzy and Gramps' front yard. "Mowa swing, mowa swing"
We spent a morning at the City Park. Mumzy and Ian liked the slide!

Ian and Lainie picked flowers

Mom had surgery. We spent a lot of time in the hospital hallway with Ian! He loves playing with his Gramps.

Shea had a birthday! Poor was almost forgotten. But being the good sport he is it worked out okay. Mumzy coming home from the hospital was a great gift. When we got home we found out that Shea now also shares his birthday with Raj and Colleen's new little guy! (don't you love baby toes?)

Kelly and Ian planted flowers for Mumzy's homecoming. Ian also learned his new "uhhhhhhh" sound (imagine great effort going into a digging motion)

We came we pulled into the driveway Ian said with a big sigh, "hooooooooooooooome".
And since we've been home we have been laying kind of low resting and regrouping. It was good to be with family but always nice to be in our own home again.

We had a great father's day...Shea got a shiny new toy that we'll show off here soon. Just think moooovies :)

Oh...and if you've made it this far and are still bored...go here to see what I've been doing for fun!


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