Monday, March 31, 2008

POTD 033108

POTD 033108, originally uploaded by sheakey.

So my newest weight loss program started today! I got myself a big scoop of peanut butter cup icecream from Burr's and it seemed Ian didn't like his tiny dish of pink ice cream that he asked for! So he stole mine and only gave it back when the ice cream was about ready to topple off of the cone. He was pretty proud of himself.

I don't like pink ice cream so I guess he saved me the calories!


Sunday, March 30, 2008


This little boy loves his Dad! I wanted just a quick photo of Ian with flowers behind him but he refused to sit their without Dad. As soon as they sat down, he cuddled up next to him, looked straight at the camera and smiled his big grin! Just a perfect little moment!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

POTD 032908

POTD 032908, originally uploaded by sheakey.

We took a little family excursion to Daffodil Hill! I've wanted to go there forever. Beautiful drive and lots of gorgeous flowers. And a chicken or two for Ian to talk to!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

No Whip Cinnamon Dolce Latte

Ian started saying this about two weeks ago. Now he says it just to make us laugh! It cracks me up how much clearer it is each day! He definitely has his voice now! It is a little frightening just how many phrases he's picked up from us (, since I talk more than Shea!)

Credits here

Monday, March 24, 2008

POTD 032208

POTD 032308, originally uploaded by sheakey.

Easter Eggs!

We had a great Easter visiting my family! Lots of egg coloring adults this year since the 5 year old and the 2.5 year old were bored after about an egg and just wanted to hold the colorful ones!

I love how bright they turned out!

We made an offer on another house tonight (after driving three hours so may question our judgement tomorrow!)

If we get it I'm calling in all help we are will be a very short move...but lots of sweat needs to be poured into it before the move can happen! Keep your fingers crossed (and yes mom, it will be easy to find!)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

POTD 031808

POTD 031808, originally uploaded by sheakey.

This is his pig face! Yes...he's holding a hippo...but he was convinced it should grunt like a pig!

Out of order...kind of like I feel right now...

POTD 031908

POTD 031908, originally uploaded by sheakey.

Yes...I'm behind.

This has been a long week of waiting and wondering and hoping and looking and wondering and hoping some more.

Oh...and that last post? It's a mental crossroad that Shea and I reached together. We aren't fighting just bewildered by the prospect of $250,000 for 2400 sq ft versus $350,000 for 1200 sq ft. $100,000 worth of questioning! Just reminding myself that it isn't a problem...just an expense.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I am low maintenance.

I don't wear makeup. I only get my hair cut about every 6 months when it starts to bug me or just look gross. I don't need a lot of things and am comfortable in a small home.

I believe that we should leave the world a better place. I don't shop for entertainment and try to use things until they can't be used anymore. I believe that my car should be efficient and if I can walk instead of drive, I will.

I want my son to go to public school because I want to support the institution of public education, even if that may mean he doesn't get "the best" education attainable. I want him to be happy. I want him to be surrounded by people who are different than him and experience things that help him realize how fortunate he is. I believe that what I teach him is just as important as the teachers he will share with 30 other kids a day.

I believe that a vegetarian diet is best for the environment and for my body, but I would never push that upon anyone. I believe that we should live in a space that is adequate for our needs and not the largest available space possible.

I believe that we should know our neighbors. I believe that people are good. I believe that we fear what we do not know and we do not understand.
So why the rant?

Shea and I are at a values crossroad.

In our quest for a home (in this falsely labelled buyer's market) I cringe at the discovery that we could move to the suburbs and live in a 5 bedroom 2 bath house with a 40 minute daily commute and have over 200 home choices

We know where we want to live, we know why we want to live there. We know it will be smaller. We know it will be more expensive. We know it won't be easy to find.

And once again, we are reminded that it is expensive and sometimes difficult to live a life dedicated to what we value.

But it is the right thing...right?

Monday, March 17, 2008

POTD 031708

POTD 031708, originally uploaded by sheakey.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We continued our tradition of Irish Taco night with Justin! Can't beat the Irish taco :)

This was "breakfast" at the Fox and the Goose this morning since today was also the first real day of Shea's Spring Break!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

POTD 031608

I get pretty emotional over things...that doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows me well! Just about anything can make me weepy...but few things make me absolutely proud! Today was one of those days though.
Justin ran the Shamrock'n 1/2 Marathon -- not his first race, not his longest race, just another race for him. But today was different. He'd asked if we were going to be there. And since it was local we didn't question for a moment going. After a full day yesterday sleeping in sounded like a better idea this morning...but I'm so glad I didn't!
We positioned ourselves near the Tower Bridge to watch him at about mile 1 which would then turn into mile 4 about 18 minutes later. I knew it was a good race when he passed us in 7th place. He looked great and was right on his schedule at both mile 1 and 4. After he passed us we wandered to the finish line at Railey Field, not waiting to cheer anyone else because it was just a little too cold! We found a spot at Railey field and waited for his finish. I found a photo spot as close to the field as I could (dopey finish line, no spectators on the field, had to sit in the stands...but that is topic for another post about my inability to deal well with stupid rules) I was kicking myself for not getting a little inside pass to the finish line.
I'd written down Justin's expected finish time of 122 on a Post It and waited.
Just short of that time we saw him enter the field with the announcers (Tom and Dusty) greeting him as J-Dub. Not only did he look great but he was 5th overall! A field of 3000 and MY little brother was 5th! I'm not sure if I was more proud to be his sister or to see the smile of PURE joy on his face as he crossed the line.

IMG_0782-Edit-justin finish, originally uploaded by sheakey.

He's raced a lot of races, but this one was just different! It was after the race that he said he had PR'd (personal record) by 3 minutes! 3 MINUTES!! That's just crazy! He runs about a 6:20 minute per mile pace. Maybe you can cut off seconds...but minutes?? Just PROUD! Proud that he could work so hard. Proud that he can run that fast. Proud that he found something he loves! Just PROUD he's MY little brother!

POTD 031508

POTD 031508, originally uploaded by sheakey.

Spent the day in San Francisco showing a couple of Alaskan's around! I think Ian was overwhelmed with everything. He actually sat in his stroller the entire day and just took it all in. No fussing, no fighting, just a good little guy. More pictures to come soon!

Friday, March 14, 2008

POTD 031408

POTD 031408, originally uploaded by sheakey.


Shea's childhood best friend (who he hasn't seen in 11.5 years) is in town from Alaska! We had to celebrate!

***We put a backup offer in this morning

Thursday, March 13, 2008

POTD 031208

POTD 031208, originally uploaded by sheakey.

I'm stunned at the emotions we've experienced in the last 24 hours. We started the very serious part of house hunting this week. Checked our credit -- Excellent
Prequalified -- Well within our range
Realtor -- Perfect match
House -- Shea has been pouring over listings and could probably pass the real estate examine at this point

So excited to know that everything was in line.

We'd found a house that we LOVED. We had been there at at every hour of the day (except the midnight to 6am shift...a person has to sleep). We'd talked to neighbors. Walked the neighborhood. Found the park. Mind you we have done all of this all since last Friday. (except of course Shea's looking at listings--he'd been doing that since December when our house sold)

We talked to our realtor for the first time yesterday, gave him the details. We planned to meet last night at 7pm to see it. It was...perfectly us! Ian loved it, we loved it, Don (our realtor) loved it. It was quirky in a good way and just screamed buy need to live here!

After an hour of wandering around, poking, prodding, turning things off and on, and doing it over again we left with Don's advice to sleep on it.

6AM this morning. Shea and I are both wide awake sitting in the living room talking about it, both knowing we didn't need to sleep on it AT ALL! I was preparing to send an email to Don to meet him to write the offer, Shea was prepared to get a sub so we could take care of it...

Shea pulls the Metrolist up to see the house...and bright red letters across the photo it says


Ahhhhhh! Can you believe the timing??!! It had been on the market for 106 days and THE DAY we look at it, they accept an offer??? THE DAY we look at it??? In THIS market????

So now...I'm sitting here wishing that it falls through for someone, knowing that can't bring about very good karma for me. So I guess we will just have to what is meant to be.

I'm sad. Shea's sad. It's 1:16PM and I haven't even brushed my teeth...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

POTD 030808

POTD 030808, originally uploaded by sheakey.

Grandparents visiting called for Shea, Justin and I to go out! Fun dinner at a great table at my favorite restaurant!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

POTD 030608

POTD 030608, originally uploaded by sheakey.

This would have been funnier last Friday!

Monday, March 03, 2008

POTD 030308

POTD 030308, originally uploaded by sheakey.

Ian and I ventured out to the Train Museum today. It was a gorgeous day outside, so we ate snacks on a bench near the museum. He jumped up from our table and said, "take a picture momma" He perched himself on a step and flipped his hat around. How did he get so big? And how did he learn to pose? :)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

"I Windy"

Words spoken by a 2.5 year old feeling the wind in his face! I love his perspective and am completely prepared for "I windy" to take on many different meanings as he ages...

A relatively low key weekend! Discovered Micke Grove Park in Lodi, definitely worth the drive! And a little time at my computer to just do what I wanted to! Love those weekends.

Here's a glimpse of a few accomplishments (credits and journaling here)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

POTD 030108

POTD 030108, originally uploaded by sheakey.

Ian flew a kite today for the first time! He LOVED it! He needed a little help from dad of course!


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