Thursday, March 13, 2008

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I'm stunned at the emotions we've experienced in the last 24 hours. We started the very serious part of house hunting this week. Checked our credit -- Excellent
Prequalified -- Well within our range
Realtor -- Perfect match
House -- Shea has been pouring over listings and could probably pass the real estate examine at this point

So excited to know that everything was in line.

We'd found a house that we LOVED. We had been there at at every hour of the day (except the midnight to 6am shift...a person has to sleep). We'd talked to neighbors. Walked the neighborhood. Found the park. Mind you we have done all of this all since last Friday. (except of course Shea's looking at listings--he'd been doing that since December when our house sold)

We talked to our realtor for the first time yesterday, gave him the details. We planned to meet last night at 7pm to see it. It was...perfectly us! Ian loved it, we loved it, Don (our realtor) loved it. It was quirky in a good way and just screamed buy need to live here!

After an hour of wandering around, poking, prodding, turning things off and on, and doing it over again we left with Don's advice to sleep on it.

6AM this morning. Shea and I are both wide awake sitting in the living room talking about it, both knowing we didn't need to sleep on it AT ALL! I was preparing to send an email to Don to meet him to write the offer, Shea was prepared to get a sub so we could take care of it...

Shea pulls the Metrolist up to see the house...and bright red letters across the photo it says


Ahhhhhh! Can you believe the timing??!! It had been on the market for 106 days and THE DAY we look at it, they accept an offer??? THE DAY we look at it??? In THIS market????

So now...I'm sitting here wishing that it falls through for someone, knowing that can't bring about very good karma for me. So I guess we will just have to what is meant to be.

I'm sad. Shea's sad. It's 1:16PM and I haven't even brushed my teeth...


Anonymous said...

I'm sad for you, but maybe there is something better for you, this wasn't really the right one.
Or maybe the buyer will decide not for them...lets hope
hummm or maybe it was going to be to hard for me to get to LOL
love you


Michelle Filo said...

Katrina, I am so sorry things went that way, but don't be so sad, things happen for a reason, have faith! and you never know, it might still be hours, but keep thinking God (or whatever you believe) has a plan for you :)
I am here if there is anything I can help you with!

Trude said...

Awww that sucks!! I worked for a real estate company (on the admin side) for almost 4 years, so believe me when I say more sales fall through than you'd think - so have your realtor keep checking! Maybe they're accepting backup offers? Good luck either way!!

Kayter said...

first off, please go brush your teeth! and i'm sorry, but i agree with mumzy, just means that something better is going to come along! keep your head up =)

love and miss u guys!


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