Thursday, March 29, 2007


I'm frustrated! My life is a bit in limbo -- working a little and staying home with Ian. I love being able to spend so much time with him; it just seems that my schedule never matches anyone elses. And when my schedule does seem to match...his nap schedule doesn't! Do I have the only 20 month old child who still takes two naps? Does he sleep abnormally? And how do all of these questions ultimately make me just question whether or not am I good mom?

We ventured to Gymboree today for a free preview. Poor little guy thought I was going to leave him there and he wouldn't leave my side. Then when all the other kids arrived he really freaked out! He hit a little girl which made me wonder if everyone thought I was a bad mom...who must hit her son! (thank you random woman who put that into my head)Where does the hitting come from...and how do I make it stop?

This is Ian's blog not his insane enough of this! I guess I need to dig out all of the parenting books I put away because they were making me insane too!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Monday, March 19, 2007

Where Did My Baby Go?

12K Across The Bay

Each year Sacramento's Team In Training Chapter loads up charter busses and heads out at 5am to run the 12k Across The Bay from Sausalito to the waterfront in San Francisco. It's a great race over the Golden Gate with time afterwards for a little leisure time before piling back on the bus and heading back to Sacramento. Shea and I have gone a few times before always enjoying the race, the friends, and of course the traditional Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista when the race is over.

This year my friend Becky asked if I was going to go to take pictures, getting an early start on the $6,200 fundraising goal we'll have for the triathlon team this year. It seemed just a little strange to put Ian on a bus without seatbelts or a carseat. It just doesn't feel legal or safe! After a call to the bus company who assured us it is "the safest wheeled transportation" we reluctantly agreed to hop on the bus and head over with "the team."

Getting him up and out of the house at 4:45am was not much fun, but the instant he saw the bus he was happy! I think he was just a little overwhelmed with the people, the seats, and the sounds! The bus company had advised us to sit in the last row so he could have more room if we needed it. I was less than excited about that idea as the last row is also by the restroom...never a nice place on a bus! Lucky for us we were on a brand new 2007 giganto "take your grandmother" gambling in style bus. Plush, clean, BIG and nonsmelly!!

After only a short outburst of crying he slept a little and we arrived in San Francisco faster and easier than any car trip I've ever taken. It was a nice semi foggy mild morning -- perfect for pictures. The wet overly long grass on my preferred hill in Fort Mason Park was not perfect for his little shoes so he spent a bit more time than he wanted in the stroller, but was a good sport about it. Once runners started to arrive he was distracted enough to forget where he was sitting as he clapped for each of them! After about 45 minutes we realized he was also saying "good job" in Ian-ese.

He got to cheer for Uncle Justin who sped by pretty quickly looking at Ian and not the camera!
The highlight of his day was definitely "Auntie Becky" stopping her race long enough to grab his hand and take him with her the last 1/4 mile of the race. It was a pretty funny site! (although I have to wonder what it did to her race time!) I wish I could have been at the finish line to see his face. We finished off the day with a little lunch Ian style -- outside with pickles and french fries, ice cream, and a stroll along the water front in hopes he would nap. No luck!

We hopped back on the bus after lunch and as soon as the engine started he was out! He didn't move the entire ride home and for about two hours after we got home. Poor little guy was tired out!

No Buena Vista Irish coffee for us this year, but it was a great day!

Friday, March 16, 2007


So I'm beginning to understand this mom gig...

If he's unhappy, mom will fix it
If he's snotty, mom will wipe it
If he's crying, mom will make it stop
If he's hungry, mom can get him to eat healthy stuff
If he's awake, mom can get him to go to sleep

If mom is unhappy, she gets over it
If mom is sick,she ignores it
If mom is crying, he probably made her
If mom is hungry, she'll grab the gold fish, fruit roll, or half eaten bagel laying around
If mom is awake, she'd rather be sleeping.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

One Year Ago Today

Charleen has been doing great "one year ago today" posts for I've decided to copy her!

He couldn't even crawl yet...just sat there and played with toys. I can't even remember why that seemed so hard or what it was like to not have toys everywhere!

599.9 Miles Wih A Toddler In The Backseat

Ian and I have just returned from our outing to visit my parents aka "Mumzy & Gramps." Since Ian now refuses to sleep in the car the drive was a bit interesting. With the help of 4 kids CD's, a bag full of toys, Starbucks and strategic bottle or two we made the 3 1/2 hour trip in just 4 hours! It was actually a bit faster than when Shea goes with us! I do however either need a smaller car or a longer arm so that I can pass toys back to Ian after he throws them on the floor or tires of them.

We had a great time! We visited Lainie and Mandy's new house where Lainie took Ian on a tour of the backyard in her Barbie Jeep. He didn't want to get out!

Cousin Kylie went for a drive too although we all think she might have outgrown it just a bit!
The highlight of our trip was the new addition that Ian and I got to witness! Taylor's FFA project pig Miss Piggy had 5 little pigs right before we left town! Ian loved seeing the pigs although he still insists that they "moo" no matter how we try to convince him otherwise. Kylie (who got to skip 1/2 day of school for the new arrivals) took him on a tour of the school's farm.

After watching their arrival, packing up the car, and stopping by Mumzy's office on our way out of town Ian was well past his nap time. Turned out to be a good thing for me though! He slept the first half of the trip and was fairly easy to entertain the last half.

It was great seeing family when we didn't have holiday plans, family events, or a tight schedule to stick to! We'll have to make a trip for no reason again soon...if only I can figure out to lengthen my arm.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Copy Cat

After seeing Leo's new hair cut and hearing how easy it was we had to head to Cool Cuts too. We were lucky to be there during the week on a rainy afternoon so it was very calm. I can't imagine what the place would be like on a weekend full of kids. Just a little overstimulating!

Ian loved the fire truck and...I caved and let him watch an Elmo video.


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