Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Photo Walk Around Your House

What do you think about a photo walk around your house? It's a great way to capture your every day details. 

My friend Steph did a fabulous photo walk with me through her house earlier this month. She requested a list for another walk.

So here are my prompts for a little walk around your house!

1. Green
2. Cheer
3. Chunky
4. Smooth
5. Retro

Enjoy! Link me to your photos if you play along!

Our next "official" photo walk with me is March 13th. I'll keep you posted.


Myra said...

Now THAT I can do! I'll give it a go after work tomorrow! Genius!

Sarah Jones said...

You see, I was really bored last night. : )

Anke said...

this was so much fun Katrina, I couldn't resist making a page about it! :)
thanks for the cool challenge

Jess said...

I took a little photo walk around my house today - thanks for the inspiration :) Here's the page I made with the photos....

Teresa! said...

This was fun!


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