Monday, February 08, 2010

Don't Forget The Snapshots

Remember your childhood photos? The ones with all of the stuff in the background, the toys you loved, bikes you rode, pots and pans your family used? Maybe heads were cut off. Maybe things weren't in focus. You love them though. And if you've suffered the misfortune of losing those treasured childhood photos, you know exactly how valuable they are.

So as I continue to focus on what I love, I've decided to capture some snapshots as well. Just the everyday. Not amazing photographically, but amazing in the details of our lives.

50mm | ISO 800 | f/2.0 | ss 1/50

This is such a familiar scene. In my office in the late evening, right before the bedtime routine begins. Ian and Shea watching a Netflix movie on the laptop. Perched in the chair that was rejected from the living room last year. In the background the boxes of  unused craft supplies. Somehow I can't get rid of them. The bookcase overflowing with training and development books from my day job. Books I'm slowly purging. Shea with a beer in his hand, one he carefully crafted in our hall closet. Ian holding his new cork gun (a completely different story behind that).

Look even closer, you'll see my gardening basket given to me by my mom. The window covering? Still the paper ones used to cover our living room windows after our newly installed shades had to be returned. I just couldn't bear to see them throw perfectly good paper out, so they were a makeshift temporary solution in my office. And yes, temporary can be two years!

This is our life. This is what drew me to photography in the first place. This is why I continue.

What snapshots do you need to capture? What is it that you love in yours?


Doris said...

I love this as well. Catching daily life moments, routines and pieces of ourselves. Even though the picture may not be perfect...I love how it is a glimpse of us right now!
Love you blog!

Carol said...

I agree 100 percent. Recently, well over a year ago now, we found a stack of old family slides, some of which I'd never ever seen. Yes I enjoyed seeing myself as a toddler, seeing mum and dad as young newlyweds. But after that enjoyment it was really looking into the photographs.

The toys on my bed or bookcase in the background, that I'd long since forgotten about, sparked recognition of times gone by. The clock on the mantlepiece in the loungeroom was the same one mum has there today. Was it that old? Who knew.

Things like that are priceless. So keep on with these "real life" photographs, they are the ones that Ian will love best, I'm sure.


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