Friday, February 05, 2010

Photo Walk With Me, Inspiration And Details

It's time to take a walk!

Join me this Saturday, February 6th for my second photo walk of the year! We'll meet at Old Soul, 1716 L Street (in the alley), at 9AM, rain or shine. Consider bringing a plastic bag to cover your equipment.

Remember to pay for parking, meters are enforced on Saturday. You may find free parking on the numbered streets a couple blocks from Old Soul.

Our Inspiration List*:
1. Red
2. Love
3. Blurry
4. Illegal
5. Hot
6. Sweet
7. Two
8. From Above
9. Happy

Looking forward to clicking with you!

Not in Sacramento?  Use the list as inspiration for your own photo walk. Let me know if you do!

After the walk you can upload your photos to our new Photo Walk With Me flickr group! When you upload please tag them with February, the corresponding word, and your photo walk city!

*I've switched to a list of 9 items instead of 10. An odd number is just a bit more fun to play with!

1 comment:

Kathleen Summers said...

What an awesome idea!! So bummed I only found out about this today, although I wouldn't have been able to go since I've been having a hrad time recovering from the time difference after my trip. Anyway... sure hope I can make the next one! :)


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