Saturday, February 20, 2010

Photo Quiz Answers!

Thanks for playing along with my Quiz. I loved the responses. There were the schmoozers, "Ian's eyelashes are to die for" and those who relied on knowing me, "early morning as that is your favorite light." Loved all the guesses about what he held from grasshoppers and frogs to roly-polys.
Let's see how you did.
ISO, yes not much noise, so those of you who said 200! Spot on.

For the aperture, there is a shallow depth of field, like many of you noted and Leslie and Shirley got it right! f/2.8 (Wendy, it's the "hole" the camera lets light through, also referred to as aperture) Notice his face is still recognizable with some detail, a bit wider and the definition would be lost. The distance between his shoulder and the fence gives the extra blurry portion on his left side.

Shutter speed. I loved Denise's response, "is there really a way you could tell this by looking?" Her guess was one of the closest! Definitely not an easy thing to see, but you can tell that there is no movement in my subject, so my shutter speed had to be fast, he is a four year old moving boy. That gives you a fairly safe guess that it is at least, 1/125th of a second. Knowing, that I play it safe when I can with him, a better guess would be 1/160. I'll admit, this would be a bit of a guess.

50mm | ISO 200 | f/2.8 | ss 1/160 | 507PM | Worm in hands
My favorite question was about light. Since photography is all about light, it is the most important question for me. There are some tell tell giveaways for light. Notice no dappling except in the fence line on the right hand side of the photo. Many of you were right guessing to his right hand side. He was facing South, the sun was in the West (a bit to the south). The tricky part here is that it was low enough to be blocked by a tree and building behind our garden fence. It gave me a nice, even diffused light. The dappled portion on the fence shows the piece the sun that wasn't as directly blocked.

Shirley guessed 515 making her closest to the 507 time of the picture!

Those of you who guessed worm in his hands were right. Great guessing made it the response with the most correct answers!

Four of you had three correct answers each, Carie, Leslie (go see her hearts), Shirley (make sure you scroll down to her merry go round photo), and Claudett. Congratulations!

Want to play again next week? 


Leslie said...

Thanks Katrina! That was a great exercise and double thanks for linking to my hearts :-).

I bought your tutorial No 1 Capturing The Lights yesterday. I'm really excited to read it.

The chat was great this morning!

shirley said...

That was a fun activity and thanks to linking to my site!

I would love to see another photo quiz in the future!

Gabi said...

Hi Katrina,

I just wanted to say big thank you for the chats last night and all those amazing tips and advices. Right now I'm going through your Get me off of auto book, LOVE it! I so needed this kick to finally explore my camera :)
Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Katrina!
Thanks for the "Capture Through The Lens" lessons, which made it possible for me to participate in this quiz!
I bought "Give it Your Best Shot, Capturing Light and Capturing a Photo a Day", to keep learning.
I'm going to try to participate in your "Photo Walk With Me" every month. I went out to take pictures in february, but the quality of my photos was not as I expected/whished for. That is why I didn't post it.
Love your quiz:)

denise:) said...

If I admitted i was schmoozing, it isn't really schmoozing, is it? :D

Leslie is right in crediting your class with helping her thru this quiz- it helped me with thinking I should even try- thanks again!


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