Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Which Would You Pick?

In the running for Photo of the Day today:

1. Ian with CheezIts. 

When asked why he thought this should be photo of the day he replied, "because I love CheezeIts." Yes, much to my dismay. The boy loves his CheezeIts.

2. The Tower Bridge 

After Ian and Shea picked me up today we went for a walk along the river (with the CheezeIts). The light was gorgeous. It asked to be photographed.

So, what's your opinion? CheezeIts or A Bridge?


Jennifer said...

I love CheezIts too!
I vote for that one! said...

Eyes say beautiful bridge.
Heart says beautiful boy.

If you follow your heart, you usually can't go wrong,

Anonymous said...

Boy with cheezits, then bridge.

susiecw said...

CheezIts! I love them, too. I also love the photo of Ian with his CheezIts.

Sara said...

CheezIts because Ian's beautiful eyes win every time :)

esther_a said...

I have this dilemma every day - the artsy pic or the family photo. You've got to choose the one you will look back on in 10, 20, 30 years time and enjoy!

latz said...


hezro said...

Cheezits! :)


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