Monday, February 22, 2010

Shutter Speed, Flowers, and Little Boys

Shutter speed can be seen and you did a great job describing it!

Leslie, Esther, and Carol all guessed exactly right! The shutter speed was 1/125th of a second. As a rule of thumb I use 1/60th of a second to avoid camera shake and 1/125th of a second to stop motion. For a little boy who moves quickly, faster is always better!

If you notice the tulips in the corner of the frame are in focus, which is a good indicator that it's not my aperture creating the blur of his hand and the tulips.

Shirley noticed the light. The farmer's market is under a freeway which gives beautiful diffused, indirect light.

I'm keeping this photo, even with the blur.  His face is sharp and that's what matters to me! Thanks for playing along.


Leslie said...

Regardless of the blur it is a great shot!

*Paula* said...

what a beautiful photo!


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