Monday, February 01, 2010

Focusing On What I Love

50mm | ISO 800 | f/1.4 | ss 1/400

I'm customizing my Photo of the Day Project a bit this month. For the next 28 days, I'm focusing on what I love. The people. The places. The things. And, the little details about the people, places, and things I love. His eyelashes. His smile. Those cheeks. Him. 
I captured this photo in low light while he played inside a "space ship." A high ISO and wide aperture gathered enough light for a good exposure. My shutter speed didn't need to be quite so fast, but ensured I'd stop his motion, not an easy feat with a four year old!

How are you customizing your 365 project? Want to join me in the February lovefest?


Melissa Stover said...

that's a great idea! i'll join you. i'm always needing new inspiration.

Heidi said...

Love the photo! Very nice.

I think I'll join you on the idea, after this week (for which I chose patterns/shapes). The love theme would work 3x for me, as it's valentines, my anniversary, as well as my hubby's birthday this month!

Amanda Kayte said...

i want to learn to take awesome possum pictures with my camera..=)

Anonymous said...

Love your love he is so handsome.

teeleedee said...

Awesome Photo Katrina, Love the angle, colours and of course the adorable little face :)



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