Thursday, February 04, 2010

Behind The Lens: Sarah Jones

You've already met our next amazing photographer, Sarah Jones. Now you can get to know her even better. I have loved watching her photos skills improve. She has a knack for capturing the details of her every day life in such an interesting way. 

I'll let her tell you the rest of her story!

What sparked your interest in photography?
When I was in high school, I was very active in all of our journalism classes.  We always needed pictures, so I usually snapped a few.  Then my senior year, they offered a photography class and I was hooked.  I have fallen in and out of love with several hobbies, but photography just keeps popping back up. After my husband, Ditz, and I started dating, photography was one of the things that we could do together.  We both really enjoy photography and have taken several trips just to take pictures. It's funny how differently we see the world.

Thirds: Yep, there was a time when I would've put that tree in the middle of the frame.   Who knew something as simple as not centering could make a world of difference in a photo!

What camera do you use?
For Christmas I got my first dSLR, a Canon Rebel T1i (I am such a lucky girl).  I just love it and I have had such fun this past month learning what it can do. I am currently using the stock lens, but I am pining for a macro lens and figure it won't be long until I add that to my camera bag! Prior to that I had a Sony DSC-H9 point and shoot. It is a work horse for sure and it won't be going to the land of forgotten toys.  

I tried this shot from above, from below, head on, off to the side, and so on (seriously, there were forty different versions).  I hadn't really thought about moving around or moving things to where they would look better before. 

What makes you happiest about your photography? 
When I see something that no one else really sees.  Someone sees a big red wall and that's all they see, I see a big red wall with the light hitting it just right which framed just right is beautiful.  I feel like for a split second, someone sees what I see and that's really cool. 

Backbutton: This is a technique  taught during Your Life Capture Through the Lens. I wasn't able to do it at the time since my camera did not have that feature.  It was the first thing that I went back to learn after I got my new camera and I love it. I use it all the time!

What have you learned that helped your photography most?  
What all those buttons / knobs do.  I mean, seriously, that has been awesome.  Flickr has also helped in that if I see a picture that someone else took, I can click and see what they did.  I've been way more comfortable playing with all my buttons than I think I would've been.

What did you enjoy most about Get Me Off of Auto? 
I love how easy it is to read.  You don't have to get a photography dictionary just to be able use it. Everything is spelled out simply, yet perfectly.  I printed that and the information from Your Life Captured and carry it around with me. When I am somewhere and can't figure out how to take a picture, it's easy to flip through and figure it out!

How has your photography changed since reading Get Me Off of Auto? 
I cringe at stuff that I took just six months ago.  I think my eye for a photo has improved as well as my ability to execute!

I loved Give it Your Best Shot: Capturing a Photo a Day.  On days when there is just nothing going on, I always fall back to the section about when it gets difficult.  Sometimes the picture isn't going to be a master piece, like this one, but I will remember that this was the day that there was so much ice on the ground we didn't go anywhere.  This just pretty much sums up the day for me. 

What are your photography goals for 2010? or Any Projects for 2010?
I am continuing my project 365 that I began last year and thus far I have not cheated or missed a single day. They aren't all gems, but I try to use each day with nothing really to take a picture of as a way to practice a technique that I've been wanting to master.  As as secondary side project, I am doing a photo walk on my lunch break on Fridays.  I work in a wonderful part of Dallas with tons of parks and pretty neighborhoods.  My goal is to not hit the same place twice in the same season.  I actually look forward to Friday's all week now and the first few have been less than stellar conditions, but I've done them!

You can see more of Sarah's great photos, including more details of her Friday Photo Walks on her blog.


To give Sarah another technique to practice, I'm providing her with a copy of my next tutorial, "Let There Be Light." It will be available aDesignerDigitals soon!

Have I helped you with a classebook, or tutorial? Would you like to be featured Behind The Lens? Send me an email at katrina at katrinakennedy dot com.


Teri said...

Wonderful interview. So much fun to read about Sarah!

mugsbigsis said...

I LOVE Sarah's work. I got to meet her in San Antonio and was amazed at the photos she got with her point and shoot! I think it's obvious that Sarah has an eye for photography and I'm so glad that you got your DSL, Sarah. LOVE your answer to "what makes you happy about photography." :O)


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