Wednesday, December 12, 2007


One word...sold! Money in the bank :)


Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Well...there was nothing of Christmas wonder or magic today. Today was just one little growing guy expressing his need for control over his world and one tired mom trying to deal with it.

May there be magic tomorrow...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Arnold and Special Cookies

Today Ian woke up in a REALLY good mood! It was a welcome surprise after the cranky moods he's had for the last few days.

It was supposed to be $5.00 music class day, but once we drove out there (in the rain) we discovered that Lisa had to cancel since the school didn't have space for her class today (weird). So with a pretty upset guy in the backseat asking for "art class" (he's got his classes a bit mixed up lately!) I told him we'd do something "special".

Special turned into a really sugary iced snowman cookie for him and a yummy gingerbread latte for me followed by storytime at Borders. Surrounded by a million books with airplanes, cars, fire engines, and pirates he lasted through 2 books and 3songs and we were out of there!

Home just in time for a nap! Did I mention he no longer will sleep in his crib? Big boy bed arriving this weekend hopefully!

Tonight we went to the Capitol to see the tree lighting (ok I really wanted to see Arnold since I've decided after 4 years I can admit he's our governor) We got there just in time to hear him say "People of Calefornea" and walk off the stage. A few songs, a little talkity talk by Leza Gibbons the Holywood production of turning the lights on ended and our fun began. We let Ian run around the water fountain, watch the lights, and smell the roses all dangerously close to his bedtime!

Topped off with a little pepperment mocha (cause it's the season) and our day was cmoplete. (have I mentioned I'm currently addicted to Starbucks again? after so long with not wanting it now I NEED it! ahhhh)

Happy 4th of December :)

Monday, December 03, 2007

Wishes Needs and Fantasies *with Santa in Mind

The bus from Costco (and at every MyGym and Bounce Place we've gone too)
Sweatshirts 2T

Art By Patrick McDonnell (a book)

movies of course

ExpoAperture Depth of Field Guide

A new kitchen mat (not the ruggy kind but the matty kind)
Gift certificate to Designer Digitals *****

Family Wishes
he First Season of Adam-12 or Emergency on DVD (how cool is that!)

3 feet and under

My first SB Peppermint Hot Chocolate of the season! Tis Christmas time!

Spent the entire day putting ornaments back on the tree after Ian removed them! In a few days there will be nothing three feet and under on our tree. Then I really have to worry since today he discovered he can carry his little chair into the kitchen and reach the counter top.

Updated Christmas list for those of you who care (Mom?!)

I finished our Christmas card today, but if I post it the surprise will be gone! You'll just have to wait for the postman to deliver!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

26.2 Miles of Christmas

4 Sightings! Yes I said 4.

We were able to see Justin in 4 different locations today. What fun! Loaded everyone (all 6 of us) into the van raced from spot to spot with the map in hand. It was great to see the look on his face when we turned up somewhere unexpectedly. And he PR'd! Congrats :)

We decorated the tree tonight -- in rounds.

Shea, Ian and I.
Ian and I.
Justin and Ian
Justin, Ian and I

Now it's quiet, tree is partially decorated and I'm sleepy. Pictures tomorrow...

Saturday, December 01, 2007

He Shouted With Glee!

We began decorating today. The tree is up with lights, some decorations, and Rudolph is out! Ian discovered a year old candy cane...and yes I let him eat it! This is going to be a crazy fun month! Nice to have Taylor, Kylie and mom visit.

Ian absolutely made my day when he came in the living room after his nap this afternoon. I had just hung the "Merry" letters I made. He looked at the fireplace, saw them and then said "Oh Look!" Then jumped up and down and shouted with glee! ( was glee!)


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