Monday, December 03, 2007

Wishes Needs and Fantasies *with Santa in Mind

The bus from Costco (and at every MyGym and Bounce Place we've gone too)
Sweatshirts 2T

Art By Patrick McDonnell (a book)

movies of course

ExpoAperture Depth of Field Guide

A new kitchen mat (not the ruggy kind but the matty kind)
Gift certificate to Designer Digitals *****

Family Wishes
he First Season of Adam-12 or Emergency on DVD (how cool is that!)


Anonymous said...

hooray got Shea's Christmas gift covered.. and Ian we can ride the bus when you come see me, stops almost in front of my house.

Michelle Filo said...

haha, well, you guys are soooo good to be able to narrow it down!! I could never do that, and it seems no one in this house hold can. If we try, we keep changing our minds every 5 min LOL

congratulations on your race and your brother doing well :) I am keen on having a peeck on those pictures!

I always think Ian is a "good boy" in the pictures and pages you do, that much sleep is wonderful for both of you. This week, I think it was wednesday, Lucas sleept through the night for the first time, 10PM~8AM (Obviously I still went to bed at 3AM, I am so used to it now) When I woke up I felt so weird, like I missed something, but he just didnt wake up hehehe and it has been 4 weeks since I stoped breastfeeding, maybe we can get into a real routine now ;)

ops, that is a long comment ;) hope you are having a great weekend!!!


Leo said...

Leo loves that bus too!


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