Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Elvis Is King, Elvis Is King

50mm | ISO 800 | f/2.0 | ss 1/125

Meet Elvis. He's been around our house for 14 years. He doesn't get photographed very often. No reason. Poor fellow. Lately, Ian has decided he really likes him. He insists on getting him out of his cage. Wants to feed him crackers. Talks to him. And tonight, we hit a milestone. Elvis dipped his head so Ian could scratch his neck. He only lets the men in the house do that. Which just supports my belief we should have named him Priscilla!
On another note, have I said thank you? Yes, you. Thank you for stopping by to read what I write. I appreciate your kind comments. February has been a busy month at our house, knowing you are stopping by has been great motivation to keep posting!



Anonymous said...

love the bright yellow on Elvis cute little guy in background.hope when I come to visit he stays in his cage..
Love U

Anonymous said...

Elvis not Ian lol

Anonymous said...

Ian, I have a bird that looks a lot like yours. My bird's name is Buddy and he likes his head scratched too. Hooray for our birds!!! Mumzy didn't want to hold Buddy. She made me leave him in his cage. What a MUMZY!!!

latz said...

My 14 year old stepson has a bird like yours too. His name is "Jude" because when they got him the first song he started bopping to was the Beatles song, "Hey Jude". Enjoying your POTDs--I'm in my second year of P52.


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