Saturday, January 30, 2010

One More Glimpse Into My Community

There are some amazing people I'm able to call my friends! You didn't think I only had four people in my community, did you? Can I introduce you to them? They all hold unique places in my life, and again, some I've never met! 

Brittany is close to finishing her degree in optometry, wife to a band teaching man (love that) and mom to  a super cute dog! I've loved getting to know her through her photos of the day. I'm hoping to meet her in New Orleans next year.

Sarah on the San Antonio River Walk, her husband has an eversion to cameras!

I met Sarah Danielle last year in San Antonio during a photo walk I led. She was carrying a Sony camera, and together we learned how to adjust her settings. Give me a Nikon or a Canon, I can use it with my eyes closed, Sony was a new one for me!  She takes such fun everyday photos and has committed to her own Friday photo walks. You have to see how she's sees the world!

Amy is one of those people I feel like I've known forever, though we've not met YET. She's got a house filled with boys, the youngest with the best hair, EVER! She is kind, gentle, and takes beautiful photos. And if, you look at her sidebar, she includes my name among some talented photographers. Honored! Thanks Amy!

So there are a few more of the special people in my life. Who are yours?


brittanylane said...

oh I do hope I'll get to meet you next year! I'm already trying to work out the tentative plan to make it :)

Sarah Jones said...

My hubby, afraid of the Lol. : )

Amy L said...

It is definitely an honor to be in your community, Katrina! Thank you so much my friend!


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