Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Rough Day For Photo of the Day

You wake up. Get dressed. Get everybody out of the house. Off to work.  Return HOURS later to a rainy dark evening. Not conducive to taking a great photo of the day. 

Too tired to get out my flash I was slowly losing hope of taking a photo. Maybe the quick iPhone photo I took would work. It's a photo. It wasn't very inspired. Just a quick snap of some meetings notes I wanted to remember. 

And then we heard honking. A lot of honking. We headed outside to find an entire stream of machinery moving down the railroad tracks. It was like a mini train repair circus! I shot in the total darkness, with a too slow shutter speed, ISO cranked as high as it will go. 

And there we have it. The photo of my day.

Am I the only one who has THOSE days?


Sally said...

No... today I am feeling particularly uninspired - thinking that a picture of a car tyre would surfice. Now I am sitting here hoping hoping hoping that some heavy machine goes rolling down my street ... but unlikely since it is a dead-end!

Kimberly said...

Most of mine have been like this! I need more daylight to become inspired. (I don't want to take my camera to work because I am afraid for its safety.) In the meantime, I am working on taking shots I would not normally thing of, like food ;)

Anke said...

I have days like that all the time :) You are funny!

Stephanie Vetne said...

Most of my photos are taken in the evening with very little light. My kids and hubby leave while it's still dark out (7:30 am) and the kids don't get home until 4 and Tom until after 6. So, if I want people photos or photos of the chaos that is truly my life, it's dark photos. And it's okay. It's real life. And it's what I want to remember. :)

humel said...

Most days lol... ;-)

amson said...

Yes I had one of those days today. My only photo was a photoshopped (actually lightroomed if this is a word??) traffic jam out the front windscreen driving home. I really love the lighting in your photo!

Anonymous said...

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