Thursday, January 21, 2010

Being Mom Is More Important Than POTD

Did you notice something missing yesterday? Did you miss it?

I had a great day. Took a few rainy day, grey photos. So, no, I didn't miss my photo of the day. Just didn't get to it like usual.

Yesterday the little man in the house had a VERY busy day at school and came home with a serious case of the cranks. Somehow that catapulted him into extremely over tired, crying at everything. We maneuvered him up to his bath. He got happier. He was showing me how he could put his ears under the water, when I asked if he could blow bubbles. Sadly, in his little mind that translated to blowing bubbles while keeping his ears under water. SOOOO. Immediately, water up the nose, unhappy boy. Three stories, a little snack, and water settled him down for sleep. I thought. Poor little guy. He was a bit needy. My nightly ritual upload, tag, view, edit, post to my blog, and post to flickr was nixed.

Being mom creates those moments.

That means two photos today! Both with a grey moody feeling! Any guesses where I took the tree photo? The second photo is obvious, I think!

Do you have those days being mom trumps everything else? I'm guessing your answer is yes!


Anonymous said...

/trees out side your front door? poor little guy, nothing more important than being a mom and u

Teri said...

I am not a mom, but sometimes being a friend trumps POTD. Yesterday I spent the afternoon and evening with a good friend as she got ready to travel back east to see her very ill mother. I helped her make her plane reservations, promised to bring her two labs to my house (yes there are now 5 labs asleep on my family room floor) and took her to the airport at 5:00 a.m. this morning. No post from me today, but somethings are just more important aren't they:)

Amanda said...

well i dont do the potd but today being a mom took over my gym time..sucked, and don't feel as good as i do when i go, but with lainie having strep and emily coming down with something, mommy duties over ruled feeling good!


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