Sunday, January 03, 2010

Project 365 Photo Discovery - Make It Better?

I've discovered a few things while shooting a photo a day for almost two years. My most intriguing discovery? The fact my POTD is often the first photo I take. I'll see something, it will make me think that sums up my day or that really is nicely lit, shoot it, and then try four more angles, 

different light,  and different exposure to see if I can make it better.

I load the photos to my computer, view them in LightRoom and there it is. The first one. The ONE. I know it happened with this photo, and this photo, and this photo. Not every time, but definitely a majority of the time.

I love how working on this project has become a part of me. A part of my routine. I see things and think I must capture this. 

And this

They have the potential to become the picture of the day or just part of my life's visual journal. The visual journal so I can remember things like Ian not wanting to eat the popcorn because it was "too poppy."

What is your experience? Do you select your 50th? Or your third? How does it happen for you?


Kimberly said...

I find this to be the case with a lot of my photos! I always think I can make it better, and sometimes I do, but often the first shot is the best. I think because it's genuine. The moment happened THEN, not 40 shots later.

I went to Lucy today :-) Are you up for some yoga company this Sunday?

Anonymous said...


alte titten



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