Sunday, January 31, 2010

How I Decide To Convert An Image To Black And White

The sun came out! In a tease of spring is near. The sky was beyond beautiful blue. Everyone was out and moving. You could feel the genuine joy to have sunshine back in our lives after so much rain and grey. You might be thinking, if the sky was so blue, why is your photo of the day black and white?

Sometimes it just happens that way. Something about the photo says black and white. Maybe it was all of the competing colors in the background. Maybe it was the classic feel I liked in this photo. Maybe it was converting it drew my eye right to a little boy's anticipation. It really is just a feeling sometimes.

30mm | ISO 200 | f/8.0 | ss 1/500

When do you feel compelled to convert your photos to black and white?


Anonymous said...

Oh my look at the intent look on Ians face, I can just hear the wheels turning "I am going to learn to do that"
Love U

Myra said...

What an interesting post Katrina. Sometimes the emotion of the page needs to be the focal point rather than the color. That's when mine seem to turn into BW. Your shot is a great example of that.

Joey_M said...

I have a habit of wanting all my photos in BW. I almost did my entire 2009 POTD book in BW, but I changed my mind several weeks in. I figured future readers might better appreciate color.

I see better in black and white. I know that sounds weird, but there are times when color gets in my way of feeling the photo. I almost always convert my favorite photos into BW.

This is a great question!

L & O said...

We must have just missed you there! Love reading your entries this month. You have inspired me to do POTD. Let see how long it will last. One day at a time for me!


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