Saturday, January 02, 2010

The World Works In Amazing Ways

After spending most of December 2007 forcing my family to go places, see things, and be photographed so I could scrapbook pages, I won a Guest Creative Team Spot at DesignerDigitals. At the time I was excited to get LOTS of free product to create with, naively believing product was to be the best part!

In my first year on the Creative Team I connected with some amazing women, learned more about design, and bumped my photography up a notch or two. I loved it! It was my daily ritual to stop to go to the website, look at pages, leave comments, and play in the community.

Then last January I got the opportunity to go to Florida and meet DD owners, Katie and Randy Pertiet, and the rest of the Creative Team. Imagine more than 30 women from four different countries and numerous states carousing around Disney World. It was amazing to connect with a group who completely understand memory keeping, photography, and the need to capture the smallest moments of our lives.

On that trip I sat on the Magic Express bus next to Debbie Hodge. She asked what my photography intentions were. We chatted. She asked if I'd thought about teaching online classes. I was intrigued.  A few months later I launched Your Life Captured Through The Lens at GetItScrapped.

Katie and Randy asked me at almost the same time if I was interested in writing an ebook. Seriously?! A book? I was flattered and frightened. I selected a marvelous group of talented women to support me and was able to create Get Me Off of Auto.

And then...

The idea of tutorials came about. Shorter, step by step guides to helping people capture their lives. I've loved seeing the results people are achieving with it and the comments people are leaving about their success make my heart happy!

Today I'm able to share my second tutorial as my gift. My gift to say thank you. My gift to everyone for seeing something in my photos and encouraging me to share it with others.

The world works in amazing ways. So if you've thought about a Photo of the Day project, download my tutorial! Share with me a link to your photos and the amazing ways the world has worked for you!

Edited 7/17/2010
The Photo of the Day tutorial is now available for purchase in the DesignerDigitals store. Thanks to everyone for leaving such great comments and being so supportive of my work! 


Anonymous said...

Katrina, I am not at all surprised you are writing any kind of a book. It was just a matter of time! It's always been there, waiting to happen. GOOD FOR YOU.

Rebecca said...

Reading this makes me want to give the 365 another shot. I always get lost if I miss a few days and then give up.


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