Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Just Discovered Greeblemonkey

Occasionally, as I wander the blogosphere, I stumble upon something that really fits me. I was enjoying my friend Sarah's photos when she mentioned she was entering a contest. I'm competitive. I'll admit it. As an uncoordinated clumsy kid I knew sports were not going to be my thing, so I grabbed onto other outlets, speech, poetry, writing competitions, you name it. I grew up. AND I CANNOT GET IT OUT OF MY SYSTEM. Now it is more about the process than the outcome (it is, it really is).

So long story short, Greeblemonkey hosts a monthly photography contest, so... When I read the word "Inspirational" as her theme, I knew I had to enter. One photo came immediately to mind for me. There was no hesitation.

My brother spent nine months training for Ironman Wisconsin. He didn't just complete it; he did it with a smile almost the entire distance! He was inspiring, as were all of the finishers before and after him. Such pure determination required, both physical and mental.

17mm | ISO 200 | f/5.6 | ss 1/100

Seems competition is a family trait.

Taken with my wide angle, 17-40mm lens in fading sun. I shot in Aperture Priority mode since the light was fading quickly and I didn't want to miss the moment while I fiddled with my exposure. I saw him round the corner literally three seconds before I shot this! In Lightroom I made tiny adjustments to Blacks, Fill Light, Contrast, Clarity and Vibrance (in that order). Added a Vignette and called it complete!

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amanda said...

i never noticed the ground having the ironman symbol until looking at this post..crazy!


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