Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why I Changed My One Little Word

My original word was simplify. A word I've been working on for a few years. I carried it over from last year after struggling to identify a new one.

I realized something. My word this year needs to be Community. From the very core of who I am, I know this is my word. I need community. I long for a sense of community.

I started hot yoga last month, led by a dear friend, and felt the beginning of community. I've watched and listened to the tragedy in Haiti, thankful to be part of a community supporting and communicating with Christina. I have discovered a connection to dear friends, moms to four year olds, who provide community.

Without community, I could not keep my photo of the day project going. Knowing so many wonderful, beautiful, caring, thoughtful women exist in this community with me keeps me committed to it. I miss their photos when they don't post and assume the same of them for me.

Patricia | Mollie | Myra | Heather (in the back)

I want to share some of the wonderful people in my community with you. They are too talented and special to keep to myself.

Myra is such a dear, dear friend. We share so many things in common, we could have been separated at birth, and somehow sent to similar families on opposite sides of the world. I cannot talk to her on the phone, because our calls literally last for hours! I can peek in on her life through her photos!

If Melanie didn't live on another continent, I'd be at her house for tea and photos everyday. I've already arranged Ian's betrothal to her youngest daughter, Daisy. So be warned, Mom, we'll be relocating to England sometime in the future. Her photos keep us connected.

Funny, I've met people thousands of miles away, but Kimberly who lives within 3 miles of me, I've never met. I love her sense of humor and how she shares her families up and downs through her photos. I will meet her soon. I will. When we do meet, we will converse about her running, her three kiddos, and her vegetarian-bacon diet as if we've known each other forever.

Sharyn cracks me up. Seriously. We've never met, and I have no plans of visiting her in the winter! I love her photos and love her family. And yes, her husband was responsible for carving my husband's mustache.

Their blogs fill my google reader with such goodness. They are a part of my every day. They are part of the group I consider my community.  I'm so happy to introduce them to you!

Who is in your community that I need to meet?


mollie said...

I like this photo of this "good lookin' group of gals"! I love being a part of your community, Katrina!

Joey_M said...

Just wanted to pop in and tell you that you are fabulous! :)

Britgirl said...

thats a lovely post :)
your cup of tea is here anytime, any time.
{{love you}}

Myra said...

I couldn't agree more... how about a "simple community?" That' works for me... I think that's all of us. :) You are the best - and so are those in your post and photo. Love them lots.

Rachel said...

I agree! It is the Flickr community that keeps
me going, especially the shutter sisters group, and all the lovely comments on my photos and blog post.

Community and friends are what makes life sweeter!

Kyria said...

I agree too! I look forward to everyone's photos every day. Keep it up!!

Sharyn said...

love that photo and WHAT??? You're not coming to visit me next week? They are promising a nice wet wintry mix - you haven't taken pictures until you've photographed the cemetery covered in a nice wintry mix. you really should come. ;)


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