Friday, January 15, 2010

Grab Inspiration Where It Presents Itself


Dark outside.

Not a single photo today. A day defined by a four year old in high maintenance mode. The poor little guy was unhappy about EVERYTHING from the moment he woke up.

I knew I had to get a photo. Wasn't excited about it.

In my wanders around the web I found this page by Anke. I knew immediately what I was going to do. I grabbed a bottle of wine, I needed a glass anyway. I set it up on the kitchen counter. Shot. UGLY. Too many colors, distracting lines, just didn't work.

My unmotivated self, perked up a little and I grabbed the black velvet I use for shooting babies. Off to the kitchen with it. Bottle and glass placed. Snap. Better. I called my trusty assistant to pour. And well, he missed the glass. And there you have it! My photo of the day.

Funny thing is, the bottle is over 5 years old. It seems I have an affinity for buying dessert wines at the end of wine tasting excursions. I'm not a huge fan. And I seldom think to actually drink them. Until tonight there were three unopened bottles in the fridge. They've moved houses, been shoved to the back reaches of the fridge, but still remained unopened! Next photo? It might just be the one we purchased in 1998 that was signed by the winemaker.

What do you have in the back of your fridge that might just make a photo of the day?


Debi said...

You probably really don't wanna know what's at the back of my refrig. Heck, I'm not sure *I* really wanna know! LOL

Great shot of the wine... I knew it was coming after seeing your comment on Anke's LO. Although I had money on a beer bottle... ;) GREAT shot of the spill... made a cool pic even cooler! :)

Carol said...

It's an amazing photograph Katrina.

Teri said...

eww, you don't want to see that.....Love the shot K. The black velvet it a great idea.......oh, when is Ian getting in:)

Myra said...

The photo is outstanding! The fact that your assistant missed the glass made for a more interesting photo!

I love how Anke's lo triggered your inspiration. You never know where you can find it when you have an open mind...

But the wine? NO bottle would last years in my home. :)

teeleedee said...

Great Photo Katrina! I was running around trying to get a photo a today. There must be something in the air :)


Joey_M said...

Hey Katrina! I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog! I read it every day and it really gets me thinking! Thank you!

Amy L said...

Excellent photo! And your blog is really fun to read!


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