Monday, January 11, 2010

Miss The Shot? Request A Photo of the Day Do Over

We've discussed how difficult it can be to photograph your own kids. How often do you see them in the perfect moment, but by the time you have the camera out and ready, the moment is gone?

Ask for a do over, of course. BUT, you've got to know your child to ask.  Give them some reason to want to do it again. I'm not above bribes or cold hard cash (that photo cost me $5.00). Sometimes it can be easier than that.

Today while playing at our local kid's art spot, Ian wandered to the vacant dance studio/classroom space. On Monday's it is one of his favorite places to play. Balance beam, mirrors, echoey, fun. He was looking out the windows on his tiptoes. I loved the lines and the color contrast of the red and of course, him. I grabbed my camera from around my neck. Brought it to my eye, quickly worked for the correct exposure, since we'd just come from the darker basement. Just as I dialed it in, he moved. And saw me.

Doomed. No way he was going to do it now.

I let him play a bit and then, sly mom that I am, asked him to look out the window for his dad. Not a complete lie, as his dad was meeting us later.

I got lucky. He placed himself in the same spot at the window.  The moment he tippy toed up, I snapped. Photo of the day...captured!

Tell us about your favorite do-over photo?


Anonymous said...

it involved a shaggy dog and a tutu...nuf said :) great shot of ian, was so worth the trickery to get this!!


Myra said...

I predict this photo will become one of your favorites for the year. And yes, I've done things like that to get the shot.


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