Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Photographing Four Year Old Treasures

50mm  | ISO 800 | f/ 5.6 | ss 1/60 | with 20mm macro extension tube

Ian's toys haunt every corner of our home. Some are more special than others. This, I count in the special category. One of the menagerie of plastic animals he loves to play with, insisting I be the mamma lion while he's the baby. Substitute elephants and giraffes and you understand the game.

I know this age will pass, but I want to remember the moments. I want to have visual evidence of what was special. Today was photoshoot for a lion. A tricky prospect, since they can bite! Any guesses where it was taken? An old, favorite spot!

What treasures do you want to capture in your house?


Anonymous said...

Ohh that looks real, hummmm in his bedroom since that is where he likes to play.
Love U

Jill said...

I love those plastic animals (sometimes I think more than my kids). here's one of mine:


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