Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Take a {photo} Walk With Me February 6th

I'm going for a walk, and I'd love to have you join me!

Every month this year, I'm walking somewhere with my camera. I'll announce about two weeks before so you can mark your calendar and join me!

During each walk we'll have a list of ten things -- adjectives, nouns, adverbs, techniques. Each walk's list will be different. As we wander our route, we'll search for those items. You can be literal. You can be figurative. You can use your camera phone. It's up to you.

The photo walk is about practicing our craft. Enjoying the company. And shooting.

You can ask me questions if you'd like. You can stick by my side or wander on your own. We'll have meet up points for those who wander at different rates. And we will, of course, end somewhere for a bite to eat, review of our images, and share tales of the walk.

My next walk is February 6th, 2010. We'll meet @ Old Soul Coffee Company 9AM, rain or shine.

Expect to see red, love and blurry on the list!


Anonymous said...

I'm bummed I have to run instead of take a picture walk with you! Any chance you can schedule a future one for an afternoon Saturday???? -Rhonda

Melissa said...

wish you lived near me so I could join in - sounds like so much fun... but alas... I live on the east coast :(

Holly said...

tho I cannot walk with you, I will do my own walk here, and maybe take a dog also, for company of course!

Holly said...

and one more thing, I've put up a post announcing the walk (and suggested that others do it too!)

Kyria said...

I would like to do it...but am not in CA at the moment. Maybe if you could send me the list, I can do it from here!

Paula said...

I'd love to do the walk too...... but here in my neck of the woods, of course. Any way you can post the list for those of us that live far away??! :)

Jill said...

Oh I love this idea. I always go on photo walks, but without projects in mind. I think I'll "come along" for your March walk out here on the east coast. Love your blog!


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