Thursday, January 28, 2010

Collecting Photos of the Day For Inspiration

The last nine days, collected for inspiration. I look forward to bringing them together. Seeing progress.
1. POTD011910, 2. POTD012110, 3. POTD012010, 4. POTD012210 - Saved from the depths..., 5. POTD012310, 6. POTD012410, 7. POTD012510, 8. POTD012610, 9. POTD012710

My favorites are definitely the mushroom and the lego! Do you have a favorite?

How are you collecting your photos of the day?


Anonymous said...

The boy, Lady bug and mushroom.
Love U

Heather said...

love the ladybird & the shoes!

Tami said...

Love them all...cannot choose just one--the mushroom, lion, lego, ladybug are my faves!


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