Tuesday, January 05, 2010

And On This Day...I Broke A Rule of 365

My very talented friend, Teri Argo, told me she tries to take her 365 photos in the morning to ensure a shot in good light. I talk about that same rule in Capturing A Photo A Day. It makes good sense. Photography is capturing light. Without it, things get tricky. Not impossible. Just means I have to get out a flash or bump up my ISO. Easy enough, but I really like the options natural light gives me.

Ian went back to preschool today which meant a full day of to do list items for me. Catching up on things I've left undone, from before Christmas, making appointments, sending emails, getting a little work done for the job part of my life. Suddenly, it was 430 and the sun was disappearing on an already dark and dreary day. I could take a dark and dreary photo of my workspace, but so not a fan! 

I ran outside in my new garden boots and snapped my snow peas. 

But seriously, not so much a part of my day. I could use it in a pinch if needed. Instead I captured hubby making dinner.  Something he does often. In fact, he claims I've only cooked 20 times in thirteen years. He is mistaken, of course! The only light was from the kitchen track lighting, daylight bulbs. A quick conversion in Lightroom did the trick. Rules? Oh, so easily broken! 

What rules are you breaking?


Teri said...

Oh Katrina, I love it when you call me your friend! I break my own rule alot. My picture of the BSU car flag was taken last night after I left the RFJ barn. The sun had set and I was like "ack! I don't have a picture." the day was all about the big game. So walah, broken rule:)

Anonymous said...

Told you I would be here bright and early, okay I am an hour late but 7.5 inches of new snow means sleeping in a bit...the overlays look great, and rules were meant to be broken, weren't they?

:) Kathie

(google really needs a "forgot your password?" button...I will be anonymous for ever!!)

Katrina said...

LOL Kathie! Nice to see you this early :)

And of course I call you my friend Teri! Someday I will call you the friend who my son is spending the summer with :)


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