Thursday, January 21, 2010

Behind The Lens: Amy Kingsford

Amy Kingsford was a participant in Your Life: Captured Through The Lens at Debbie Hodge's website, GetItScrapped. She is this week's featured person Behind The Lens, a look at regular people with great lives and the beautiful family they call their own.

Please meet Amy! I loved watching Amy's personal style develop throughout class. I never realized she was NOT shooting with a dSLR, proving again, it's not about the camera!

What sparked your interest in photography?
My interest in photography first sparked when my grandfather bought me a camera for my 12th birthday, but it wasn’t until I started scrapbooking that my love for photography really caught fire.

What camera do you use? I use a Nikon P90, I am slowly working my way up to a DSLR, but I really want to become rooted in the fundamentals of photography before I invest in one.

Well I take a LOT of pictures of my son Caleb, and I guess what makes me happiest is knowing that I’ve captured the most important parts of his life! I love thumbing through my photos of him and remembering every single moment, and knowing that I’ll always have a piece of those moments to cherish.

Caleb in the Wildflowers- Katrina's explanation of aperature and depth of field, allowed me the abilty to gain control over what I wanted in focus, and what I did not, even using my point and shoot.  Since the class, this has been a key component in my composition.
What have you learned that helped your photography most?

Well there’s all of the technical stuff of course, like aperture settings and shutter speeds…but most importantly I learned the principles of composition…which I felt was really what my photos were missing.

Caleb Closeup- Your Life: Thru the Lens introduced me to the idea of filling the frame, which is one of the techniques I have applied most in my photography since taking the class.

What did you enjoy most about Your Life: Captured Through The Lens?
I enjoyed seeing everyone else’s photography--including Katrina’s. I’ve always felt that being inspired by the work of others, pushes us beyond our own creative "comfort zone," and opens our minds to a whole new world of possibilities!

How has your photography changed since Your Life: Captured Through the Lens?
Katrina’s class totally changed the way I look thru my lens! Before I was just randomly snapping at objects and events, hoping to merely depict a point in time, but now when I look thru my camera, I am able to tell a story and capture the treasured moments of my life the way they were meant to be captured! 

Princess Alexys-  Recompostion has added a drama to my photos that was absent before, if it had not been for this class, I'd never even have known the full meaning of this word, let alone the effect it would have on my photos.

Christmas Lights- I love how Katrina always provides excellent instances in which "breaking the rules" may get you exactly the effect that you want!
What are your photography goals for 2010? or Any Projects for 2010?
First off I’d like to get all of my photos organized! I am working towards that goal as part of the "Get It Scrapped Project," at Get It Scrapped!. Secondly, I am hoping to get involved in a Photo-a-Day group this year. And finally, I have a large photo collage I am working on for my great room, that I plan to circulate photos thru each year.


Amy's beautiful scrapbook gallery can be viewed at here and on her Scrappy Doo.

To help Amy with her 2010 goals, I'm providing her one hour of online chat on a photography topic of her choice! Congratulations Amy! Here's to a great year of photography!

Have I helped you with 
a classebook, or tutorial? Would you like to be featured in Behind The Lens? Send me an email at katrina at katrinakennedy dot com! 

It's not too late to register for Your Life: Captured Through The Lens! Lesson 2 will be posted tomorrow.


Anke said...

wonderful photos! Way to go Amy!!!

amson said...

Thanks Katrina for including these interviews. So interesting and such wonderful photos!

Myra said...

Those are all just outstanding photos. So proud of Amy's work here! She's got such an eye!


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