Thursday, January 14, 2010

Behind The Lens: Anke Turco

Anke Turco was a participant in Your Life: Captured Through The Lens at Debbie Hodge's website, GetItScrapped. She is this week's featured person Behind The Lens, a look at regular people with great lives and the beautiful family they call their own.

Please meet my dear friend, Anke! We've not met in REAL life, yet, but have enjoyed many hours connecting through photography and scrapbooking.

What sparked your interest in photography?
Looking at other people's pages and noticing how wonderful some of those pictures looked. I just had to find out how to improve mine, so I started reading and playing and just got plain frustrated :)

What makes you happiest about your photography?
These days I can actually see improvement. When I get that good shot, I could start a little dance I get so excited

What have you learned that helped your photography most?
How to put everything together. All those dials and knobs are finally starting to make sense!

What did you enjoy most about Your Life: Captured Through The Lens?
Reading those lessons and being able to actually understand what it was all about. That to me was the greatest revelation. It wasn't about memorizing f stops but how to apply different settings to get the desired result. Then there was the artistic part that just blew me away. I mean for Katrina to take a shot of a pair of boots and make them look really interesting was amazing to me.

How has your photography changed since Your Life: Captured Through the Lens?
I haven't looked at photos the same way since. I have a completely different appreciation for what goes into the creation of a photo and I mean creation literally :) It is all about the person behind the camera and I admire that artistic ability so much. Now when I take a picture I know so much better how to approach it and getting the different settings together is so much easier. I still have a lot to learn and I pour over my lessons again and again, and every time I read them, they make more sense. But my pictures have definitely improved

What photography projects are you working on for 2010?
I am participating in the POTD at Flickr. I didn't quite make it last year, but this year I promised myself that I will stick with it. I get so much inspiration from looking at what other people photograph and how they do it. It also forces me to use my camera every day and look for that best shot to put in the gallery :) I will continue to take any class Katrina puts out there and learn as much as I can. I want to get to know my camera better too, which is a large undertaking.... I am having so much fun taking pictures, my family gets fed up with me at times when I stop the car to take a shot of something I find interesting, but actually my daughter is already following in my footsteps by pointing out pretty things to photograph to me. That just makes my heart happy!


Anke's beautiful scrapbook gallery can be viewed at DesignerDigitals and on her International House blog.

To help Anke with her 2010 goals, I'm giving her one hour of coaching via video chat on her photography topic of choice! Congratulations Anke! Here's to a great year of photography!

Have I helped you with 
a classebook, or tutorial? Would you like to be featured in Behind The Lens? Send me an email at katrina at katrinakennedy dot com! 


latz said...

Love learning about your photographic revelations on your journey. Anke has been a digi-friend for about 2 years and she has always been an inspiration to me. Great to find your blog too. I just might have to look into the class...

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are a buys person!! Love this insight into Anke and the photos are beautiful.

mugsbigsis said...

I know Anke from Designer Digitals and watched her go from a scrapper to an AMAZING digital scrapper! I've seen the same thing happen with her photography. She is someone that inspires me and makes me smile with her photos and pages. Wonderful interview ladies.


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