Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rainy Days Are Not Camera Friendly

40mm | ISO 800 | f/4.0 | ss1/125

Yes, rain and most cameras don't mix. I take mine out anyway. I protect it. I keep it under my rain coat. I shoot under protected places. Because, this girl has to shoot! While this isn't the most original image, it is my image.

On our way to the farmer's market this morning. We got there so early, the vendors were still setting up. No crowds. No pushing. Ian could peer at the squid in the fish market as long as he wanted. I enjoyed it completely. And THAT is what I'll remember when I see this photo.

I will admit to thinking, I wish Shea would stop using the windshield wipers so the water would be even.

I auto focused on the rain drops, and then switched my lens to manual focus before shooting.
Processed in Lightroom using the Creative-Aged Preset and adding a slight vignette


Mary Ann said...

Yesterday's rain left me a bit grumpy - I had a nice shot list for my Kent project, and time to shoot. Probably got in the way of seeing the possibilities, like you did.

Thanks for the reminder to "make lemonade."

teeleedee said...

Cool Photo! :)

Anonymous said...

Love this photo


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