Thursday, March 29, 2007


I'm frustrated! My life is a bit in limbo -- working a little and staying home with Ian. I love being able to spend so much time with him; it just seems that my schedule never matches anyone elses. And when my schedule does seem to match...his nap schedule doesn't! Do I have the only 20 month old child who still takes two naps? Does he sleep abnormally? And how do all of these questions ultimately make me just question whether or not am I good mom?

We ventured to Gymboree today for a free preview. Poor little guy thought I was going to leave him there and he wouldn't leave my side. Then when all the other kids arrived he really freaked out! He hit a little girl which made me wonder if everyone thought I was a bad mom...who must hit her son! (thank you random woman who put that into my head)Where does the hitting come from...and how do I make it stop?

This is Ian's blog not his insane enough of this! I guess I need to dig out all of the parenting books I put away because they were making me insane too!


Leo said...

Katrina, sorry to hear about your frustration. It's probably just a lot of new things and he's a bit freaked out by it all. Don't you let other moms make you feel bad for something that he doesn't do ALL the time! It will get better and we will find a way to see you guys more often!

Anonymous said...

Katrina, a bit of advice from your Aunt Rosie. Sounds like you are trying too hard. No such thing as a perfect kid! Ian will hit, bite and who knows what else because he can. Marty used to bite and guess what? He quit! Thank God, since he's now 45...
Just relax and enjoy the boy because that's what you've got...a normal boy.
love you


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