Monday, April 02, 2007

Pre Easter...Eggs

What a great weekend! The weather was perfect and EVERYONE was in a great mood! We spent part of Saturday at an Easter Egg hunt -- Ian's first since last year he slept through all the festivities!
He made a cute little bag to carry his eggs in complete with 4 yellow chickens that Uncle Justin said it needed. Dying eggs was enjoyable for him although a little nerve racking for the 4 year old whose eggs he kept stealing and throwing into the yellow dye. I think he died his fingers more than any eggs.

The actual hunting of the eggs was a little more successful! He found one and was quite content with it. He just stood shaking it as we all watched. He ended up with a few more but one was all he really wanted! I bet that changes next year.
He topped off the day with a yummy cupcake...and a nap! Should be good practice for next weekend.

1 comment:

mumzy said...

What fun, and to get to be with Uncle Justin all day,
Can't wait to see you. I think we might do eggs at my house too.
Love you


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