Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Miles of Eggs

swinging with Taylor

After driving about 200 miles each of the last 4 days, we're all pooped! Ian was a good sport and actually seemed to enjoy his car time. On the way to Exeter he talked a lot and pointed to every truck, bus, and motorcycle that went by. He refused to sleep though until we were about 40 minutes from Mumzy & Gramps' house. After an afternoon of dying eggs, playing with Taylor, Kylie and Lainie, and of course "practicing" for the real egg hunt he crashed for the night! Yeah! We got an uninterupted night of sleep.

Then began his three days of instantly falling asleep once he was in the carseat.

We headed to Morro Bay on Easter Sunday where Ian got to meet many of his "second" cousins for the first time. This time he was ready for the egg hunt and only needed a little guidance to run and grab them before tossing them into his bucket. He had a great time playing with everyone!

Next morning back in the car for the trip back to Exeter for a quick family dinner and little rest before the next mornings final car trip for the week. Back to Sacramento...again sleeping even while his somewhat psychotic mother experienced the jitters of riding in the car after drinking her fully caffeinated "decaf" latte. Silly SB... don't they know I haven't had caffeine in about 5 years?
If you've made it this apologies for such a boring post!

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mumzy said...

Sorry about your moms ride home but we know she is only blaming it on star bucks, we know she is nervous rider (just like Mumzy silly girl)
what fun it was to have all of you home,
Love you


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