Sunday, April 29, 2007

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...well at least Reuse

So our street's 10th annual yard sale happened this weekend. I was too busy taking pictures and playing with those pictures to actually organize anything for a yard we purchased things instead!

Ian is now the proud new owner of...

A sandbox (that will probably hold water instead of sand if we can get him to give it up as a bed)
A slide/house combination thing
An indoor mini slide

A very loved basketball hoop and slowly deflating ball

Not bad for $25 -- I love our neighborhood!


mumzy said...

Oh my word! look at the fun
with all those new toys, I can hardly wait to see them,
what a cool bed (turtle) mom does such a great job with the pictures..
Love you

grmarosie said...

Ian, I love that I can watch you grow up with all the neat pictures your mama takes of you. Be sure and tell her and dad we said "HI" from Porterville.


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