Thursday, March 20, 2008

POTD 031908

POTD 031908, originally uploaded by sheakey.

Yes...I'm behind.

This has been a long week of waiting and wondering and hoping and looking and wondering and hoping some more.

Oh...and that last post? It's a mental crossroad that Shea and I reached together. We aren't fighting just bewildered by the prospect of $250,000 for 2400 sq ft versus $350,000 for 1200 sq ft. $100,000 worth of questioning! Just reminding myself that it isn't a problem...just an expense.

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Michelle Filo said...

oh, I get it now! We went through the same thing!! A piece of advice? When the right place comes along for you (like it almost did a little while back). You will want it so bad that one or the other will not matter ;) Good luck hon, I hope "the one" turns up soon to give you peace of mind!


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