Monday, March 24, 2008

POTD 032208

POTD 032308, originally uploaded by sheakey.

Easter Eggs!

We had a great Easter visiting my family! Lots of egg coloring adults this year since the 5 year old and the 2.5 year old were bored after about an egg and just wanted to hold the colorful ones!

I love how bright they turned out!

We made an offer on another house tonight (after driving three hours so may question our judgement tomorrow!)

If we get it I'm calling in all help we are will be a very short move...but lots of sweat needs to be poured into it before the move can happen! Keep your fingers crossed (and yes mom, it will be easy to find!)


Michelle Filo said...

hi girl
Happy belated Easter!
Love the bright colours of the eggs! I am totally doing that next year :)
I will be hoping and praying that you have made the right decision and you get the house!

Anonymous said...

Easter was fun, love it when we can all be together.
Hope only the best on the house you found, and pleased it will be easy to find, (I would worry other wise LOL).
Love Mom


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