Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jubilee Day One

POTD 072109 - Jubilee, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

In our house we celebrate Jubilees, not just birthdays! It is far too much pressure to put on one calendar day so the celebration begins one week before and stretches one week after your actual birthdate. No set requirements other than cake here and there, a random present here and there. Just a fun time to run around the house and proclaim Happy Jubilee! (It also gives forgetful ones plenty of warning and time to make up for any present lapses)

Today was the beginning of Ian's jubilee. Right before dinner I realized we were going to let the day slide by with nothing more than a proclamation, so Ian and I headed into the kitchen to bake a cake while Shea finished dinner preparation. Ian used an extra Kitchen Aid attachment as a microphone and announced the play by play as we measured, sifted, stirred and poured. He did stick a random finger in everything shouting, "yum, it tastes good." I don't believe him as he stuck it in the flour, the cocoa, and the baking soda none of which I find particularly tasty on their own! 

The cake came out of the oven after dinner. We frosted it, decorated it and then of course got the candles out! It wouldn't be a jubilee if the birthday boy doesn't hear happy birthday at least three times during the 14 days! Added bonus? I get lots of practice taking low light candle shots! woohoo! And because he is a stickler for the birthday etiquette he didn't even try to blow the candles out until he'd heard the final words of his song!

As we dove into the cake he proclaimed, "this is the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!" On his way to bed he gave me a big smooch and said, "I'm 4!"

Yep, he's almost 4. Crazy!


Anonymous said...

I love BD jubilee, where has the time gone, 4 years old, look at the anticaption in his eyes "blow out the candles" see you in 2 days Ian.
Love U Mumzy

Jennifer said...

Happy B-Day Ian! See you at the park tomorrow!!


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