Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jubilee Reflections

I only have about 20 photos of Ian's first day in this world. Hard to believe, I know, but a mere 4 years ago I was only slightly obsessed with photo taking just warming up to what would be full blown photo madness. So today, the third day of his jubilee I am just reflecting on all that makes him who he is. All those little things I love (and well, some that I don't but trying to stay positive here!)

4 funny things he does:
  • Says, "I have an idea," with his little finger pointed in the air when he wants to announce something
  • Wakes up each morning and immediately asks for a movie and goldfish
  • Almost immediately says no to anything and then has to quickly backtrack
  • When asked if he had a good time (anywhere we go) says "just a little" and holds his fingers together to show how little
4 foods he loves
  • goldfish
  • O's
  • black beans
  • french fries
4 things he'd do all day
  • watch movies
  • play upstairs
  • pretend he's a dog (or cat, or lion, or polar bear or)
  • scatter toys about
4 things he says every day
  • I love you
  • I've got an idea
  • deal?
  • it will feel you better
4 toys he would keep if he could only keep 4
  • Spike
  • Bat Mobile
  • Fire Engine
  • The long tube from a bolt of fabric that turns into so many things!
That should read goldfish crackers! LOL We have no eating of the pets in our house! (plus he's vegetarian!!) Sorry to worry you!


Carol said...

Okay Katrina, this is the scariest post I've ever read from you.

GOLDFISH ???????
Favourite food ????????


Amanda said...

did he get over his hannah montana phase?! lol

Katrina said...

LOL Amanda! Do you mean his mana antana phase? Luckily I think it went away shortly after your daughter left my house!


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