Friday, July 17, 2009

11 Days? Seriously...

I typically don't like the, "oh my gosh I haven't posted in X number of days" kind of posts but here I am posting one of my own! Things have been a bit crazy around here! How so, you might ask. Let's see. Planning and cleaning for a fundraiser in our backyard. Hosting said fundraiser. Getting really sick after said fundraiser. And now recuperating with a little boy who keeps asking me if the sick is gone! Yes, the sick is almost gone! 

But so you can see just a bit of what you missed in the last 11 days, I give you photos. (I'll spare you the sick ones, but point out I took a photo a day even while battling a 103 degree temperature! Ok, so I didn't take any photos while my temperature was that high, but I did manage a couple when it got lower. I didn't say they were good pictures though!)

The backyard complete with the new deck Shea built just for the party! (and has now turned into my favorite place for breakfast!)
My brother Justin. I love when he plays.
Ian doing what he loves most (complete with his favorite slice of sourdough bread in hand)
More to come later along with a little idea I have brewing :)


Anonymous said...

OMG!! Ian has feet just like his mother. Neeto


Anonymous said...

love the pic of Justin, and how cute is Ian with his bread and hop scotch, glad you are feeling better and back to taking pictures
Love U

Anonymous said...

I really like the back ground where Tim is playing it looks so pretty..
Me again..


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