Wednesday, July 29, 2009

71 Miles

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71 miles. That is how far my brother will be swimming, biking and running tomorrow in preparation for Ironman Wisconsin in just about a month and some pocket change! 

So tomorrow bright and early we are loading up the van, the kayak, the ice chest, the 4 year old, my brother and his bike, wet suit, running shoes and all the other accessories that go with an 8 hour workout. Our plan? Play at the lake and eat snacks while he works his butt off (well, that phrase doesn't really work since he doesn't have much of one.)

It should be a great day with lots of adventures and a four year old who is so excited to wear his life jacket!

And, just maybe, I'll take some pictures.


Anonymous said...

wish I was there, have fun be safe..
Love U

Anke said...

this is such a gorgeous page Katrina! I missed so many posts, sorry!!! Your photos are stunning as always!


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