Tuesday, April 22, 2008

POTD 042208

POTD 042208, originally uploaded by sheakey.

I gave Ian my box of Legos for the first time today! They are the standard (small) legos that I use for class exercises. He's been eyeing them for a very long time!

He was thrilled...and immediately found the car and people in the mix.

Our life is now over as we know it :)


After his bath tonight he told Shea, "my tummy's ready for nigh night!" Hopefully he'll move up the rest of his body and get to that little brain is ready for it soon!


Michelle Filo said...

hahaha great comment from little Ian :) I am crazy about Legos, and the rest of the family as well, including my brother and sister, my boys, it is lego crazy! I am sure there will be lots of fun to be had!
I was going to ask about the house unting when I saw the previous post! Good Luck hon, I do hope your plans come to reality soon!

Anonymous said...

Ok! leggo's are good, but I would love to see a silly picture..or a cute picture..I love you


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