Wednesday, April 02, 2008

POTD 040208

POTD 040208, originally uploaded by sheakey.

I think water is going to be a spring/summer theme with this little guy! He wanted to play "fireman" again today which means he holds the hose in the backyard and waters the lawn. Today he discovered what happens to you when you fling the hose back and forth really quickly. He wasn't pleased at all with his discovery!

Update on house hunting...

We have an offer in on another house (and still sit in back up position for the first one). Our new offer maybe up to 6 weeks before we know anything since it is a "short sale". So sad how many homes we are looking at that are either forclosures or short sales. So sad.


Michelle Filo said...

oh honey, good luck with the house hunting! I wish you guys would get this sorted, I can see it is stressing you out!

Stunning last two pictures of Ian, OMG, I am totally going to look up the setting and try this myself... but wait, winter has decided to come earlier, we went straight from scorching summer one week to winter, and even though the colors are here, I miss the autumn weather!!!

Leo said...

How funny that Ian is doing the same thing Leo is. He goes to the yard and pretends to be a fireman (I, of course, is not brave enough to actually turn the water on)


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