Sunday, April 13, 2008

POTD 041308

POTD 041308, originally uploaded by sheakey.

Ian ran his first race today! Well...I carried him most of the way since the crowd of kids and parents freaked him out...but we're trying to make it a postive memory for him :-)

Afterwards he kept saying, "I fell down, I'm sad...." Funny thing is he never fell down, but wow was he sad!

We'll try it again some time with a smaller race and when he's actually slept more "normally" the week before!


Michelle Filo said...

how cool!
at least you got cute photos out of it!
(that is what I always tell myself when things don't go the way I wanted LOL)

Anonymous said...

Ian: Maybe next time the first time is always the hardest..but cute picture with aunt Becky....
Love you: Mumzy


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